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Analytics Mania – Google Tag Manager Course Bundle


Analytics Mania – Google Tag Manager Course Bundle
Original Price: $99
Size: 16.7 GB
Author: Julius Fedorovicius
Sale Page:_https://www.analyticsmania.com/
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_Ebusinesstores@gmail.com Or Skype_Macbus87

GTM Course for Beginners will teach you:
– How to save money and time, be in control of your website tracking, launch tracking campaigns faster, and avoid hassles with developers
– How to implement Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, etc.
– How to measure valuable and important website interactions which drive real insights
– How to make your tag management GDPR-compliant
– How to apply your new knowledge in actual real-life projects

Intermediate Google Tag Manager course will teach you:
– How to access custom data on a website without developer
– How the Data Layer actually works (let’s go beyond the beginner level)
– How to create advanced triggers with CSS selectors
– How to deal with iFrames
– How to configure GA4 Ecommerce setup (from A to Z)
– An easy-to-understand introduction to the technical (and necessary) topics: HTML, CSS, RegEx, DOM, cookies.
– How to use and benefit from server-side tagging

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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