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Brian Voong – Tinder Firestore Swipe Match

Brian Voong – Tinder Firestore Swipe Match
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Author: Brian Voong
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In this wonderful course, let’s take an adventure into the land of creating a fun and interactive Swipe and Match user interface. In today’s day and age of dating applications, you’re almost guaranteed to find this style of interaction.
To make the lessons in this course super easy to follow, we’ll be starting from scratch by creating a brand new project. We’ll tackle this project in the below steps:
– Lay out the main UI of our app
– Include a container for cards that can be swiped left and right
– Integrate UIPanGestureRecognizer to control swiping behavior
– Enable animations for swiping off screen and cards entering screen
– Integrate animations for matching likes

01. Overview
02. Build UI easily with Stack Views
03. View Encapsulation Architecture
04. Card View Drag_Drop with Pan Gesture
05. Rotational Transformation and Card Dismiss
06. Multiple Cards and User Model
07. Intro MVVM Card View Models
08. MVVM Summary and Advantages
09. Advertiser Model Protocol Oriented Programming
10. Gradient Layer and Animation Fix
11. Cycling Through User Photos
12. View Model View State Reactive Programming
13. Creating a Registration Page
14. Keyboard Management Notification Observers
15. Bonus Lesson – Size Class Landscape Layout
16. Registration View Model
17. Firebase Auth JGProgressHUD
18. Image Picker Bindable Image
19. Storage Image Upload Clean Code
20. Firestore Save Documents
21. Fetch Firestore Documents
22. Query Filtering
23. Pagination Data Fetch
24. Settings Header Image Buttons
25. Settings Form Rows
26. Fetch and Show User Info
27. Save Settings to Firestore
28. Save User Photos
29. Age Range Sliders
30. Save Settings Delegation
31. Login _ Logout Delegation
32. User Details Delegation
33. Stretchy Header UIScrollView
34. User Details and Blur Effect View
35. Intro PageViewController Photos
36. User Details Swiping Photos
37. Swiping Photo Bars
38. Default Ages Bug Fixes
39. Quick Image Load Fix
40. Configure Bottom Controls
41. CABasicAnimation Card Fixes
42. Save Swipe to Firestore
43. Detect Matches and Omit Swiped Cards
44. Initialize Match Animation
45. Gradient Buttons and Masked Layers
46. Keyframe Animation Segments
47. Matched User Images

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