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Business Set-Up Fundamentals

Business Set-Up Fundamentals
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What you’ll learn
How to select business structure options
How to determine when to register your business name
How to give your business an identity via business-names
How to exist successfully, in both the physical and virtual space
How to determine when you need a business logo or if you need one
The strong desire to build and grow a business
Access to the internet
Business set-up fundamentals course simplify business elements that guarantees business success. A huge part of business success, is in the effort that is invested in its set-up episode. Recent study, shows that 95% of business owners do not know why their ventures, are not as profitable as they anticipated, before launching the venture. The pudding is in, how they were set-up. Nobody really pays attention to this tiny bits, yet their impact are huge in potential and actual business losses. The set-up process is, where the business owner structures the venture, based on principles and values that directs the business journey hitherto. It is on these values and principles that strategies are developed and implemented for growth. In a world, dominated by business information overload, how do you identify and refine key elements that is required and contributes to business set-up, start-up, survival and sustainability? This should not be based on excitement and emotion of becoming a new business owner. It must be a thorough researched process, founded on facts and intelligence.At the end of this course, participants willUnderstand the key elements that should be included in the set-up and start-up era and processUnderstand how to create and structure business name as marketable identifyUnderstand color theme and its importance to business success as effective communication toolUnderstand the need for communicative logo as branding imageUnderstand the needs for business planning as strategic development tool
Section 1: Business Set-Up Fundamentals
Lecture 1 Business Structure
Lecture 2 Business Name & Registration
Lecture 3 Business Color Theme & Logo
Lecture 4 Virtual Presence, Business Email & Website
Lecture 5 Business Planning
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