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Google Ads 2022 – Professional Course

Google Ads 2022 – Professional Course
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Professional course from Scratch to expert level. Designed as per Google Internal Trainings
What you’ll learn
Fundamentals of Google Ads
Create, Strategize and Run Profitable campaigns from Scratch
All the concepts in running Google Ads from scratch
Professional Knowledge of Google Ads with real life examples
The whole course is designed considering a FinTech company as a hypothetical client
No experience needed
The overall contents of this course will be
1. What is google ads, what all can it do and what all is possible in google Ads
2. How to create a Google Ads account from scratch
3. How to create professional campaigns (All Types) from scratch
4. How to do Analysis, research, Structure campaigns,
5. How to report, analyze and optimize campaigns to generate the best possible results
6. How to integrate Google Ads with other platforms to achieve the best results
This course is designed in order to make the learning process smooth from a beginner to expert level. The trainer has been trained by Google Engineering team on Google Ads and the same flow has been used in this course. Throughout the course, the campaigns have been setup considering a hypothetical FinTech client to make sure there are no gaps
The course will be updated regularly with all advanced features in Google Ads and all types of campaigns.
Google Ads is considered to be mother of all Digital Marketing platforms as it was called Adwords before and was one of the first companies to allow advertisers to show online Ads. Using Google Ads you can run multiple types of campaigns ranging from Google Search campaigns, Gmail campaigns, Display campaigns on GDN and even YouTube campaigns. Google Ads also is a great tool to run App Install campaigns
This course is for students and professionals to have a professional knowledge on Google Ads in order to be able to run successful and profitable campaigns. We will also discuss extensive strategies which have worked in the past for our clients
Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to learn Google Ads from scratch and for professional career
Anyone who wants to run successful and profitable campaigns on Google Ads
Anyone who

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