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Harvey McKay – How To Make Techno (2019)

Harvey McKay – How To Make Techno (2019)
Original Price: £20.97
Author: Harvey McKay
Sale Page :_https://www.sonicacademy.com/courses/techno-2019-with-harvey-mckay
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Sonic Academy is proud to welcome a new instructor this week, Soul Techno Producer Harvey McKay.

In How To Make Techno 2019, Harvey shows us his creative process in creating a dark, brooding and downright sinister techno track from start to finish in Ableton.
Starting with a layered, overdriven and rich kick, we create tension with a rumbling bass line, punchy and crunchy hi-hats and snare, before adding an ominous synth mainline created in U-he Repro. Once the elements are in place, we line up the sound sequences in Ableton before recording, as if we were playing live, to put together the basic arrangement. Then we’ll tackle the automation and editing setup from and to to get to the final mix where everything can be sent for mastering.
This is a course that proves that you don’t need a ton of plugins and gimmicks to create a monstrous dancefloor mix, only careful selection of the right sounds with minimal processing will help you with it!

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