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Jeff Martone – Hand to Hand – Kettlebell Drills

Jeff Martone – Hand to Hand – Kettlebell Drills
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Jeff demonstrates 30 innovative and progressively challenging H2H kettlebell drills that will catapult your explosive strength, stamina, and hand & eye coordination to a whole new level.

These H2H drills will add a new dimension of variety, enjoyment, and intensity to your current high-repetition kettlebell routines. If you have tried and experienced the benefits of the “DARC Swing” as demonstrated by Pavel on his video More Russian Kettlebell Challenges, you will love this DVD!
This DVD will help you:
Dramatically increase your explosive strength, stamina, and agility
Improve your hand-to-eye coordination and hand speed
Increase your grip strength
Enhance the shock absorbing qualities of your connective tissues
Strengthen every fiber in your body
Maximize your athletic performance

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6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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