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Male Sexual Dysfunction Guide: Enforce your spirit and flesh

Male Sexual Dysfunction Guide: Enforce your spirit and flesh
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The sexual connection between couples is a reflection of their entire relationship. It is expected that if the man feels that there is a defect in his sexual performance during intercourse, he will be frustrated and this may affect the relationship between couples.
Some men may feel ashamed of talking to their partners or wives about these problems creating a big gap between them. Further changes in the behavior of the man can result in the appearance of a state of tension that destroys the atmosphere of the relationship.
Frequently, the Man feels ashamed to discuss such problems with his treating physicians or think that they can’t help him and finds himself alone facing such problems causing him more and more distress.
This course will try to be the first guide any man with sexual problems can use to face the most common sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, decreased sexual desire and many others.
Important note : All the scientific material presented in this course is the result of extensive exhaustinglong hours of illustration and simplification of male sexual dysfunctionchapters from many medical textbooks and websites.

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