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MasterClass – Cornel West Teaches Philosophy

MasterClass – Cornel West Teaches Philosophy
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Distinguished philosopher Cornel West teaches you how to think more deeply, connect more closely, and live a more fruitful and meaningful life.

Cornel West is one of the most profound, diverse, and intellectual thinkers of our time. Now he’s inviting you into the depths of his brilliant mind to teach you how thinking like a philosopher can help you navigate your personal relationships, your decision-making, and your everyday life by looking at the world from a completely different point of view.

Instructor(s): Cornel West
Class Length: 15 video lessons (2 hrs 32 min)
Category: Community & Government

Browse Lesson Plan
1. Meet Your Instructor
2. How to Think Like a Philosopher
3. What It Means to Be Human
4. Cultivating Compassion
5. Living a Wise and Courageous Life
6. How Philosophy Serves Humanity
7. A Philosophical Take on Love
8. Hope and Optimism, Love and Loss
9. The Importance of Receiving Love
10. Case Study: John Coltrane and A Love Supreme
11. The Impact of Music on Community
12. The Impact of Music on Humanity
13. Fostering the Best of Your Communal Roots
14. Honesty, Trust, and Individuality in Community
15. Democratizing Philosophy

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