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Paul Schreiner – Half Guard

Paul Schreiner – Half Guard
Original Price: $69
Author: Paul Schreiner
Sale Page:_https://www.digitsu.com/paul-schreiner-12-guard-2-dvd-set-p-257.html
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Considered to be the prequel to “Precise Pressure Passing” Professor Paul Schreiner is back to share his half guard system that he honed through countless hours of learning with masters such as Roberto “Gordo” Correa and Garth Taylor. These techniques have been tested, retested and further refined at one of the toughest gyms in the world, the famed Marcelo Garcia Academy in NYC.
These lessons are perfect for all skill levels. If you want to enhance your guard game, this is a must have instructional!

Disk 1:
Manipulating Base
Basic Structure
Hook Sweep
Hip Escape and Leverage
Distance Management
Bridge Sweep
Twist Sweep
Head Control and Underhook Principles
Basic Knee Pick Reversal
Single Leg
Hook Sweep: Inverted Arm Lock
Hook Sweep To Back Take
Matheus Diniz Reversal
Matheus Diniz Reversal To Underhook Recovery
Head and Arm Greco Reversals
High Clinch To Back
Knee Cut Counter
Addressing the Whizzer
Addressing the Whizzer: Hook Sweep To Arm Lock
Leg Bundle Twist Sweep

Disk 2:
Leg Bundle Upa Sweep
Leg Bundle Upa Berimbolo
Leg Bundle Closed Guard Recovery
Leg Bundle High Clinch Sweep
Leg Bundle Gable Grip Reversal
Jedi Mind Trick
Jedi Mind Trick | Leg Drag
Jedi Mind Trick | Back Take
Jedi Mind Trick | Dave Camarillo Arm Lock
Jedi Mind Trick | Back Take 2
Jedi Mind Trick | Arm Push
Jedi Mind Trick | Foot Lock Leg Drag
Forcing The Jedi Mind Trick
Jedi Mind Trick | Leg Bundle
Jedi Mind Trick Vs Knee Cut
Enter The 1/2 From Reverse DLR
Jedi Mind Trick Vs Standing Opponent
Reverse 1/2 | Back Take
Reverse 1/2 | Elevator Sweep
Total Game Connection

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