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Sales Skills | Close More Deals & Increase Sales

Sales Skills | Close More Deals & Increase Sales
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Master Sales Skills with Persuasion Psychology & Influence + Emotional Intelligence to Increase Sales & Close More Deals

What you’ll learn
To Increase Sales
To Close a Deal
To Handle Difficult Customers
To Persuade
To Influence
Emotional Intelligence Mastery
Persuasion Mastery
Internet Connection
Hunger to Improve Sales

Would You Like to Learn How to Increase Sales & Close More Deals?Then, You’ve Come To The Right Place!Sales Skills | Close More Deals & Increase Sales is an Online Video Course For Anyone Wanting to Learn to Increase Sales & Close More Deals. You’ll Learn How to be Successful With Your Sales & Deals in Any Business, Marketing or Sales Situation.Inside This Course, You’ll learn how to Increase Sales & Close More DealsThis Course Also Includes Premium Support. (We’ll answer all your questions within 24 hours).After This Course, You’ll Be Able ToIncrease SalesClose More DealsPersuade Others to Take a Desired Action.Influence Others to Change Their Minds.Handle Difficult Customers.Control Your Emotions.What You Will Master Inside This CourseHow to Close a DealHow to PersuadeHow to InfluenceSales PsychologyHow to Build a Credible CharacterHow to ReasonHow to Play on EmotionsHow to Use MetaphorsHow to Use BrevityEmotional Intelligence to Increase SalesDealing With Difficult CustomersHow to Become Self-AwareHow to Self-RegulateHow to be SocialHow to be EmpathicHow to Stay MotivatedThis Course Includes Templates,Tools, Phrases & Exercises That Will Help you Increase Your Sales & Close More Deals!The Tools in This Course Are FREE.See You Inside The Sales Skills | Close More Deals & Increase Sales Course!Love Robin & Jesper

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Sales Skills You Need
Section 2: Emotional Intelligence
Lecture 2 Emotional Intelligence Explained
Lecture 3 The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Sales
Lecture 4 How to Increase Sales
Lecture 5 FAQ
Lecture 6 How to Deal with Difficult Customers
Lecture 7 Emotional Intelligence Mastery in 5 Steps
Lecture 8 Exercise – Self-Awareness
Lecture 9 Exercise – Self-Regulation
Lecture 10 Exercise – Social Skills
Lecture 11 Exercise – Empathy
Lecture 12 Exercise – Motivation
Lecture 13 Bonus: EQ Hack
Lecture 14 Thank You!
Section 3: Persuasion Psychology & Influence
Lecture 15 Persuasion & Influence Explained
Lecture 16 How to Close a Deal
Lecture 17 How to Persuade
Lecture 18 How to Influence
Lecture 19 Reciprocity
Lecture 20 Curiosity
Lecture 21 Social Proof
Lecture 22 The 3 Boxes
Lecture 23 Scarcity
Lecture 24 Persuasion Mastery in 5 Steps
Lecture 25 Exercise – Character
Lecture 26 Exercise – Reason
Lecture 27 Exercise – Emotion
Lecture 28 Exercise – Metaphor
Lecture 29 Exercise – Brevity
Lecture 30 Thank You!
Section 4: Conclusion
Lecture 31 Bonus Lecture

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