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Schoolism – Character Design & Costuming for Games

Schoolism – Character Design & Costuming for Games
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This course will aim to teach fundamentals of character and costume design for video games, breaking down a character holistically throughout the narrative, exploring who they are when the story starts, how that changes throughout their arc, and how that is reflected in the choices of clothing, hair, design and styling.

We will go over designing narrative illustrations that help sell the characters, gathering photo reference and making mood boards to create an overall view of their arc and designing costuming throughout the story based on that.

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of the basic workflow for creating character and costume designs for video game characters, from receiving the script/character prompt to creating the final illustrations, and you will have completed 3 fully detailed costume designs for a character. If you’ve ever wondered what designing characters and costumes for video games encompasses, this course is a must-watch!

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