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Schoolism – Exploring Character Styles with Stephen Silver

Schoolism – Exploring Character Styles with Stephen Silver
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A prolific and noted artist in the animation industry, Stephen Silver is known for his distinctive and unique designs, and for his work on “Kim Possible”,
“Danny Phantom”, “Clerks – The Animated Series” and many other franchises. Among his clients are Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Sony Pictures and many more.

This course takes character design training to the next level so if you feel that you have the basics under your belt, then this is the course for you. You will learn how to design in different styles, create compelling anthropomorphic animal character designs, learn what will be required of you as a studio designer, and much, much more. This course will give you the tools to not only strengthen your skills but also the confidence to fulfill the journey you are on. I am really excited about what this course offers and I know you will be too. “Exploring Character Styles with Stephen Silver” consists of 9 lectures.
Lesson 1 – Character Design Review
In my first lecture, we will quickly review the fundamentals of character design, while introducing more advanced design philosophies. We will pay particular attention to the use of the golden mean, which will guide us through our designs in this course.
Lesson 2 – Different Styles
In this lecture, I will talk about the importance of being able to design in different styles. This is a very important skill to master in order to be a successful commercial artist and designing for a variety of studios.
Lesson 3 – Caricature Characters
As a character designer, you will sometimes be asked to create characters for whom actors have already been selected, or which are animated adaptations of live action properties. In this lecture, I will discuss the importance of caricature character design, and show my techniques for creating characters from real people such as movie stars, musicians, and other celebrities.
Lesson 4 – Drawing Women
Throughout my design career, I have had to draw many women, something a lot of artists struggle with. In this lesson, I will show you how to identify and create many variations of women, how to approach feminine features, what makes them attractive in design, and much more.
Lesson 5 – Reference
Reference is important, but not all reference is created equal. In this lecture, I will talk about what makes for good reference versus bad, and my tricks to finding great reference material. Related to this, I will also discuss improving your design skills through sculpture.
Lesson 6 – Designing from Storyboards
In addition to creating new designs pre-storyboards, as a studio character designer, you will often be given finished storyboards and be asked to design the characters in special poses or improve on the designs of various incidental characters in the style of the show. In this lecture, I will talk about how to work within the framework of storyboards and adapt your character to a pre-existing story.
Lesson 7 – Animal Character Design
Animal characters provide a unique challenge. In this lecture, I will discuss what is required in order to design animal characters for both traditionally- and CG-animated properties and more. Furthermore, we will explore animals: drawing the real thing, turning them into interesting characters, and adding human characteristics to them.
Lesson 8 – Kids
Throughout my career, I have been asked to design children for numerous properties, ranging from kindergarten through high school. In this lecture, I will talk about challenges that are particular to designing kids and show you my tricks and techniques for creating kids of all ages.
Lesson 9 – Passion, Motivation, and Success
In addition to your skill, much of your success as an artist is predicated on your heart. Do you have the fortitude to draw when you do not feel like it? Can you keep pushing at a task even if your ideas come at a trickle? In this lecture, I will discuss something that is often overlooked, but which is of vital importance: the mindset needed to build your confidence, maintain your drive, and boost your passion and self-esteem. These will be your keys to getting ahead, finding your voice, and creating the most important thing of all: your future.

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