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SMB John Locke – Super Simple Spread Trades for Income

SMB John Locke – Super Simple Spread Trades for Income

SMB John Locke – Super Simple Spread Trades for Income
Original Price: $1,200
Author: SMB John Locke
Sale Page:_https://www.smbtraining.com/blog/super-simple-spreads-course
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SMB John Locke – Super Simple Spread Trades for Income 1

The 100% systematic way for traders to add high probability options spreads that actually have a high probability of success. WITHOUT taking excessive risk.
In Super Simple Spreads, John Locke teaches you:

– Why traditional “high probability” options trades aren’t as great as they seem.
– How to properly calculate your odds in options trades. (hint: it’s probably not what you think)
– Why some high probability income strategies actually have worse probabilities than buy-and-hold strategies.
– How a proper management strategy can dramatically improve your probabilities of success over time

John Locke give you multiple trading plans in one course
Learn Super Simple Spreads Including:

– The Bull – Everything you love about high probability premium selling – plus everything you need to know to keep from blowing up your account. Learn the when, where, and how of selling high probability spreads, plus simple money management rules that have been back tested for success over 80% of the time.
– The Bear – A super simple spread trade that has an excellent risk:reward ratio, provides income in many market conditions, and particularly does well in a bearish trend.
– The Bull vs. Bear – A strategic combination of the first two Super Simple Spreads. Learn how these trades can work together to increase probabilities. Manage the trades independently depending on market conditions.
– The V-Condor – A Somewhat Simple Spread that provides an introduction to managing a trade based on the Greeks. Still a fully systematic trade that can be traded with once-per-day management and a list of rules.

This is what you learn in the course..
In Session #1, you will learn about the SS Bull Trade
The Bull Trade has:

– A super simple seven point trading plan
– Generated positive returns in 10 of the last 12 years
– Averaged over 23% annual returns in the last 12 years
– Management strategy that keeps draw downs under control – Even in 2008
– No technical analysis and no subjectivity required – because it’s completely rule-based

In Session #2, John teaches the SS Bearish Butterfly
Like “The Bull”, the SS Bearish Butterfly has a simple trading plan. You’ll learn how the SS Bearish Butterfly is:

– A great trade for slow moving bullish markets and bearish trends alike
– A great hedge for long portfolios
– Ideally paired with “The Bull”
– Completely systematic with no subjectivity or personal interpretation required
– A solution to profiting in a bear market

If you’ve seen John’s Bearish Butterfly trade in the past – this is very similar. However, the SS Bearish Butterfly includes a technical filter that gives the trade a higher probability. Also, some of the advanced Greek management has been eliminated to focus on the key aspects that matter most.
John gives a step by step example that shows a SS Bearish Butterfly that was entered when John’s filter had a bearish bias in the market. However, the filter was wrong and the market went straight up. What happened to the trade? John followed the simple trading plan and was able to exit the trade for a profit anyway.
John shows why the place most traders strive to keep their trades is actually the most dangerous place to be. “this is where I usually like to exit”, John says.
After running through example after example, month after month, you will see exactly how to set up the trades and successfully manage them from day to day.
Unlike some trader education, John doesn’t pick the easy trades. The examples he picks show how to deal with difficult market environments.
There is no better way to learn how to trade like a professional options trader than to be looking “over the shoulder” of an experienced trading professional. That’s what this course gives you.
In Session #3, You’ll Learn John’s Combined Strategy Called: “Bull vs. Bear”.
This is a systematic process for you to appropriately combine the first two Super Simple Spreads.
Over time, the trades work very well together – but there are specific reasons why you may want to reduce or remove one of the spreads. John shows you how to navigate the combination like a pro.
As always, John has gone to great lengths to cover just about every conceivable if/then scenario to help you understand the how and why behind each decision.
Then he walks you through multiple examples with a complete explanation of each step.
In Session #4, John teaches the The V-Condor
This trade is a Somewhat Simple Spread that introduces an options strategy that is managed by the Greeks.
In John’s usual fashion, he doesn’t cherry pick an easy trade. Instead, he dives right into a challenging trade to show the nuances and management criteria in action.
In Session #5 . Because Four Hours of Training Just Wasn’t Enough.
John extended the schedule to include another full session of move by move examples of the V-Condor. If you like to learn by watching examples – then you’re going to love this final session. You will see many examples of how to enter, manage, and exit the V-Condor trade.
There is no better way to simulate years of experience in such a short time than to watch a master give examples the way

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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