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Telephoto Landscape Photography Masterclass – William Patino

Telephoto Landscape Photography Masterclass – William Patino
Original Price: $197
Author: William Patino
Sale Page :_https://www.williampatinophotography.com/telephoto-landscape-photography-masterclass
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Learn your camera basics like the back of your hand. You will learn key considerations when shooting waves and how to compose using the telephoto lens, combining a close foreground and distant background. See how to focus stack handheld with the telephoto for an infinite depth of field and the complete editing workflow in Photoshop, using effective adjustments to bring everything together to create drama and atmosphere.

In this lesson, Will introduces the course, outlining what’s ahead and things to consider.

In The Field
Follow Will out into the field as he discusses his approach to finding a composition and working with the sea, required settings for a sharp image, handheld focus stacking, and considerations with …

Selecting RAW Files
Step into the digital darkroom and learn simple and powerful exposure and contrast adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw.

Global RAW Adjustments
See fast, global adjustments made to correct exposures across multiple images as well as lens and compositional adjustments.

Basic Adjustments
Learn simple and effective global adjustments in Adobe Camera RAW, to balance the exposure and dynamic range, adjust white balance, and mid-tone contrast across multiple images.

Focus Stack
Leave Adobe Camera Raw and head into Photoshop to see how two separate files are blended together to create a tack-sharp foreground and background.

Exposure Blend
Learn how to blend two different images using layer masking, to combine waves in the midground of the scene.

Sky Blend 1
In this lesson you will learn how to replace a plain sky with something more dramatic. Learn the theory behind the sky selection and then how to manually mask, warp and blend using layers and brush…

Sky Blend 2
Continue with the sky replacement, manually refining the blend and adjusting the white balance for a seamless exposure blend.

Contrast And Light
From Photoshop, jump back into Adobe Camera Raw and learn how to create atmosphere, depth, and light in the scene using local adjustments.

Light And Color
Follow along as Will makes localized color adjustments to create more depth and realism in the image.

Adding Birds
Sometimes you might capture something that’s not exactly where you want it to be. In this lesson, Will places birds in the images, which were caught just outside of frame. Learn how to manual…

Dodging Light
Create more impact as Will runs through dodging methods to enhance light across the whole scene.

Selective Color
Learn how to adjust individual colors to create a more realistic blend between the mountains and sky.

Finishing Up
Final adjustments are made and a soft glow of light is added to the scene.

Summary of the image-making process and considerations moving forward.

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