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Ben Adkins – The Clarity Program

Ben Adkins – The Clarity Program
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Author: Ben Adkins
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Week 1:
The Clarity Master Plan
(Getting your Head Right)
When You Land Inside of the Clarity Program youre going to get the step by step overview of how to build a business by creating Instruction Manuals for people that you already serve.

In Week 1 Youll Learn:

The Secret to Simplifying Your Life: In this Section well be getting rid of all of the distractions that are keeping you from becoming a millionaire in your industry. This is going to be painful at first but youll be blown away by how much more time you have in your business when you take action on this section.
The Step by Step Clarity Overview: In this section youll see a birds eye view of the entire system and how were going to set you up as an expert in your industry, complete with Digital Products to sell and profit from. (this one section is a master success plan that most people never figure out and its why they struggle year after year.)
The Art of Being Interesting: This should be an entire course in itself. In this section youll learn the secrets to standing out in your industry bylooking different”. This took me years, and thousands of dollars to learn but youll have an inside view at 5 rules to follow to always stand out and have a competitive advantage because of it.
The Power of Setting the Bar: In this section Im going to show you how to get a ninja like focus on why youre inside of this program in the first place and how to make the work that youre doing really mean something. This simple exercise will take you about an hour but will change the way you look at your life (and business) forever.
By the time youre through with this part of the program youll have a unique insight into the process of creating an online business based on your expertise and how it will instantly change your life. This sets you up perfectly for week 2 where we start Reverse Engineering Your Industry for Maximum Results.
Week 2:

Finding Your Industrys “One Thing”.
(Researching Your Industry)
This is the secret sauce to, not only making a good amount of money using the internet, but to becoming a trusted authority in an industry. In this section Im going to show you how to Reverse Engineer your Industry to find out what people are STARVING FOR. This Week is the Secret Behind how I create and sell digital “instruction manuals” that people love and tell their friends about.
In Week 2 Youll Learn:

How to Pull out Your Industries Heart: In this section Ill show you how to get to the bottom of what your potential customers want to know the most. This simple research method will dial in your business and give you an extreme focus on what you need to create for them first.
The Secret to Amazing Content Forever: In this section Ill show you how to take all the research youve done and use that to find the Industry Leaders on the topic. Once youve got this down, youll be able to create endless amounts of products from just a few key sources. This is how Im able to put out powerful and effective products that get my customers results, no matter what Industry Im working in.
My Product Creation Productivity Hack: Over the years Ive gotten insanely efficient at creating products for my business and the businesses of others. It all comes down to a few simple tools that I use that allow me to create products quickly and on the fly. Youll see how I create products that generate thousands of dollars in 5 days inside of this section.
My Closely Guarded Contagious Product Formula: What makes a great “how to product” that people love? It all comes down to 7 Key Components which include my, never before talked about, CFED METHOD. If you include all 7 components, you will create a product that people love and a customer that wants to buy from you over and over again.
By the time youre know exactly how to deconstruct your industry and get inside the heads of your target market so that you can build products they MUST Have.
Week 3:

The “Small Giant” Formula
(Building Your Sellable Assets Quickly)
In this week youll learn my most valuable skill and the reason that I can run a million dollar per year business without selling anything tangible.
In Week 3 Youll Master:

The Fearless PDF Product Template: Im handing over my personal product creation template for your own personal use. I will break it down for you so you know exactly how to take your expert knowledge and fill in the blanks to create a perfect product to sell. Having this template will save you hours of formatting and will give you a paint by numbers guide for creating viral products.
My 5 Day Product Creation Method: This is how I write and something that people have been trying to pull out of me for years. Ill walk you through the process that I use to create a complete product in just 5 days using something I call “batching”. Once you start using this method to write, youll get more done in 5 days than most people do in 3 months.
Giving your Product The Apple Treatment: One of the hallmarks of a great product is one that makes a person feel like they purchased a work of art. show you how to create products that “pop” and will be just as much of a conversation pieces as they are an “instruction manual”.

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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