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Brian David Phillips – Erotic Hypnosis

Brian David Phillips – Erotic Hypnosis
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The Eroticatrance Erotic Hypnosis seminar is an intensive learning experience in Romance and Intimacy Experiential Trance Techniques for Adults using our I-5 Protocol (Increased Intensified Intimate Imaginative Involvement). This course is a general overview on the use of experiential hypnosis or focused trance to intensify sensual experience and erotic connections (either as recreational processes for couples wishing to renew their own intimacy as well as for therapists intending to guide others as a means of overcoming difficulties and as appropriately applied to certain entertainment venues).
This material is for adults only.
Learn methods for guiding trance partners into a deep romantic rapport and enhanced erotic attachment as well as to develop and create imaginary constructs for intimate sensual exploration, such as guided imaginary situations as well as ways to build physical responsiveness with words or gestures alone, including consensual anchoring and trance-based trigger-response conditioning to create highly responsive desire state or “romantic” feeling with a mere word or touch that causes one’s partner to “explode” with passion and more.
Consensual techniques for formal trance induction are taught, demonstrated, and practiced. Some of the scripts and processes use graphic language or imaginative situations. The techniques introduced in this seminar are very powerful and extremely personal in nature. Your instructor is highly respected among hypnotists as an authority on experiential hypnosis of this type for couples and others. In addition to covering other subjects, his ongoing blog contains a very active and comprehensive section devoted to Erotic Hypnosis and more.
This course is a general practical overview on the use of experiential hypnosis or focused trance to intensify sensual experience, erotic connection, and romantic attachment. The material can be applied to a wide variety of therapeutic, entertainment, recreational, or social contexts when appropriately modified.
This is an extremely comprehensive course as well as a very positive experience. This seminar is very much a hands-on practice-based course and so it is advisable to use the same approach when viewing the DVDs. Please view with an open mind and with a willingness to put the techniques into practice with an appropriate consenting partner. Be willing, able, and ready to learn, to experience, to guide, and to practice and you will get the most out of the experience.
Many of the processes and imagery taught in this course are of an extremely intimate nature. Students will learn a number of trance-based methods for increasing intimacy as well as for increasing sensual responsiveness in addition to relationship bonding. Learn experiential trance imagery processes that allow one partner to guide another into a fully realized sensual fantasy experience where the imagined content is safely experienced and felt in a positive context as if it were really happening. Various explicit sets and processes and much more are taught, demonstrated, learned, and practiced.
The material explored includes:
Orientation to Erotic Hypnosis Constructs versus Hypnosis
Ritual, Trance, and Imaginative Power
Clean Language (nope, not that sort of “clean” language) and Session work with Erotic Hypnosis Processes (Guiding versus Leading, etc.)
Contextualizing the Erotic for Hypnotic Experiences
Erotic Progressive Relaxation Induction
Erotic Guided Imagery Guided Content
Erotic Guided Imagery Open Content
Arousal Suggestions
Orgasm Suggestion
Arousal Trigger
Orgasm Trigger
Switch Sex
Sexual Personality Overload
Sexual Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
When Two Become One
Vicarious Experiential Machine
Erotic Voodoo
Hypnotic Bondage without Ropes
. . . and more.
You will learn all of this and much, much, much more. Obviously, this is a very fast-paced and extremely comprehensive course on four DVDs packed full of information. This is an intensive training in Erotic Hypnosis and as such requires clear concentration and full involvement on the part of students. You would be wise to plan to play with the material and not merely sit idly by watching the DVDs. Those who come into the experience ready to engage themselves fully in the processes will get the most out of this material. Do not merely learn about this material, learn by doing and learn how you can become a true master of EROTIC HYPNOSIS.
While the original experience was open to novice and experienced hypnosis practitioner alike, those who are inexperienced with hypnosis, are strongly encouraged to use this material as an advanced unit in a full hypnosis program – if you do not have previous experience with hypnosis, you are strongly encouraged to purchase the Ultimate Ecstasy Pleasure Hypnosis package which includes the Core Hypnosis Skills program in addition to the Eroticatrance program as well as numerous other units that will truly guide you into complete mastery of this material. Those wishing even more material they can apply to eroticatrance contexts, would be served well by ordering the Ultimate Ecstasy Pleasure Hypnosis package. See the VERY SPECIAL PACKAGE offering below for great savings on this ultimate eroticatrance program.

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