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Caliathletics – Skills Program & Nutrition Guide

Caliathletics – Skills Program & Nutrition Guide
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Caliathletics program is a complete and comprehensive guide that should help everyone regardless of their aims.

That being said, if you want to learn these impressive calisthenics skills you can do so by accessing our lessons in section Static & strength skills and Dynamic skills. If you want to focus only on basic strength and physique you can let it go.
How do you implement skills workouts into main workout program?
There are two ways to get it:

– Include additional skills workouts on rest days.By choosing this method we would recommend you reading more about Grease the groove method that is extremely effective in terms of skills training. You can read how to use it here.
– Implement skills progressions exercises in the beginning of your workouts.This method is recommended in intermediate and advanced program. The ultimate goal of it is to implement calisthenics skills progressions and strengthening exercises just before basic exercises for 30 up to 90 minutes.

Ok, but how exactly should I train skills?
It all depends on the skills and your current strength level. There is no simple answer to that but we will try to make it clear for you. To achieve chosen skill you should combine strengthening exercises and progressions. When you start your workout you have to pick up the most challenging progression at the beginning and perform it a few times. For example, if you are training for a front lever and can hold a straddle for 5 seconds you should do a few sets of straddle max hold. The most important aspect here is the quality of movement, once you feel you are not able to perform chosen progression in proper form then go back to easier one. In that case that would be some sets of straddle max hold and then some sets of advanced tuck max hold.
How many repetitions?
Depends on the skill and progression. When working on skills there are two main factors that affect your progress:

– Frequency
– Quality over quantity

Training skills often will get you faster adaptations, we should always approach to it with fresh mind and body since the most important is quality of movement. With that being said, we would recommend keeping repetitions relatively low with long rest time between sets. When you aim for maximum holds you want to perform only 1 rep and a few sets until you feel too fatigued. Pick up a few progressions and perform a few sets of these then move to next skill. We would recommend working on 1 up to 4 skills per one workout session.
Make sure that by implementing skills training to workout program the total workout volume is not too high, if it is your progress might decrease and eventually you will overreach. Since we are all different you have to learn how to listen to your body and once it says I’m not able to regenerate properly (or is just too fatigued) then decrease skills training.

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