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Crypto Price Action Trading Masterclass

Crypto Price Action Trading Masterclass
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What you’ll learn
Crypto Trading
Crypto Price action trading
cryptocurrency price action trading
Bitcoin price action
No special Skill required
Crypto Price Action Trading MasterclassA person’s body language conveys a great deal about their current state of mind, their current emotions, and their thoughts.And as a result, they are able to predict their behaviour. You may be wondering why I’m discussing body language in a price action trading course.Because today in this Masterclass, we’re going to learn trading’s body language, and by studying trading’s body language, you’ll be able to forecast the market’s next move with ease.Welcome to Crypto Price Action Trading MasterclassYou may have witnessed professional traders execute trades without the use of indicators, news, or any other tools??How are they able to achieve this?? Without any assistance??They do it through price action trading.Prince Action Trading is the skill of placing trades based on the chart’s actions and patterns.This form of price action is primarily used by large banks and institutional TRADERS.SO Today, I’m going to introduce you to a strategically built course that will teach you how to master Price Action Trading in Cryptocurrency.This course Includes -1. The Key Basics of Price Action2. Understanding the Body Language of the Charts3. How to Decode the Patterns of the Charts4. How to predict the next move of the market5. How to perfectly identify the Patterns in the Chart6. Properly Performing Technical Analysis with Price ActionAdditionally, I will teach you a little-known technique called Multi Time Frame Analysis.Not only that, I’ll show the optimal strategies for entering a trade and also how to properly close and collect profits.For a limited period, I will include a risk management approach specific to this price action strategy.Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Understanding Price Action
Lecture 2 What is Price Action Trading #1
Lecture 3 What is Price Action Trading #2
Lecture 4 How Does the Market Moves
Section 3: Price Action Fundamentals
Lecture 5 High And Lows
Lecture 6 Support And Resistance
Lecture 7 Trendlines
Lecture 8 Continuation Pattern(Flag)
Lecture 9 Two Sided Patterns
Lecture 10 Reversal Pattern
Lecture 11 Head And Shoulder Pattern
Lecture 12 Channels
Lecture 13 Wedges
Lecture 14 How to Draw Patterns
Section 4: Price Action Trading Strategy
Lecture 15 How to Perform TA with PA
Section 5: Risk Management
Lecture 16 Risk Management
Crypto Traders,Crypto Investors,Bitcoin Traders

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