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Dirty Talk 101 – Stirling Cooper


Dirty Talk 101 – Stirling Cooper
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You’re One Step Away From Whispering All The Nasty Things In Her Ear, That Make Her Go WILD For You, BEG For More, And Even BRAG To Her Girlfriends About You Over Brunch!

Have you ever wished you could be – in her eyes – that sexy, confident, dominant CHAD .. who ravishes her into submission whenever he wants?
That dude who she calls all the time, to lay it down.
And who not only gets her panties soaking wet . but keeps her dripping when you two get it on?
Call me crazy, but since a young age? I always wanted to be that guy.
Arousing a Woman With Your Words Is NO Mystery – You Just Don’t Know How to DO IT Yet!
I wanna show YOU.
How Thousands Of Guys Are Getting Access to Cutting-Edge Dirty Talk Breakdowns – That Are Literally NOT Taught Anywhere Else!
INTRODUCING: Dirty Talk 101 –
My Brand-New Course On Transforming Women to Your Bedroom Plaything (Giving Her Mind-Blowing Experiences, Orgasms & Memories to Look Back On)!
Here’s A Breakdown Of Exactly
What’s Inside ‘DT101’:
My course is made up of four powerful modules that’ll take you from “wait, why do I need dirty talk, again?” to “DAMN, Stir – my girlfriends won’t stop begging me to whisper somethin’ nasty to ’em!”
MODULE 1 – The Power of Dirty Talk & Why You Need It:
If you’re new to this concept and habit, this module will share every reason why dirty talk is like crack cocaine for chicks.
We establish the two main reasons you need it – and how to start implementing it slowly – to retain chicks you sleep with, in a solid rotation (if you choose).
MODULE 2 – Perfecting Your Dirty Talk Delivery
Ever felt like you’d come across creepy if you tried this shit?
Well, so has every guy!
In this module, I’ll share with you *normal* ways to start using dirty talk in your bedroom sessions, and how to remain congruent, confident, and sexy.
MODULE 3 – Dirty Talk & Framing Before The Bedroom
I’m peeling back the curtain on my toolbox for getting her framed, ready, and excited to meet up with you – using subtle, unique, and suggestive talk before you meet her.
I’ll reveal again, how to do it in a non-creepy, non-needy, sexual, and masculine way. This sets the interaction up in your favor, as you lead and control the way to her fantasies.
MODULE 4 – Specific Dirty Talk Frameworks & Examples
Mate, what’s a course from a sex pro without examples, huh?
I show you specific frameworks for getting what you want, and sharing the dirtiest ideas in your head – in a way that lights up her emotional and sexual pleasure centers!

Things you’ve probably never even experimented with, like:
. plus much more I’ll explain inside – that’ll pull this entire course together for you!


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