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Dr. Joe Dispenza – Redesigning Your Destiny Online Course


Dr. Joe Dispenza – Redesigning Your Destiny Online Course
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Redesigning Your Destiny will teach you on how essential truth that rests at the core of Dispenza life’s work that you have the potential power to shift your life by shifting your thoughts and lays out the basic science to prove it. This gives information regarding how to tap into multiple dimensions, each of which includes a different potential reality, so as to choose whichever reality you desire.

How to redesign your destiny?
This is a scientifically based experiential course designed to heal your body and your life with powerful video and audio meditations that stretch you beyond the parameters of time and space.
Mind-blowing stories of real-life healing and life-altering experiences as a consequence of doing the work in this course
Precise instructions on how to do “the breath”—a technique that will take your meditations to the next level

Joe Dispenza teach people how to heal their bodies of health conditions, make dramatically changes in their lives, and evolve their consciousness.From 2010, he has partnered with scientists and universities to carry out many extensive research on the effects that meditation has on the brain and body. During his advanced retreats all over the world, his team has gathered more than 12,000 brain scans (quantitative QEEG) and 8,000 heart-rate variability measurements (HRV) in an attempt to correlate the effects that maintained elevated emotions and self-regulation have on heart and brain function, immune response, and overall mind-body health.
Redesigning Your Destiny with Joe Dispenza

Lesson 1 : Beginning your journey
In this grounding lesson, Dr. Joe will teach you a critical practice that is fundamental to the rest of the course: a breathing skill to open up your heart and mind, which Dr. Joe uses before every meditation. Finally, using the breath, he will walk you through a powerful exercise to bless your energy centers, generating more balance and wholeness.

Lesson 2 : Unified Field
After ending of lesson 1, you have already begun to install the neurological hardware necessary to interact with the Divine, or the Unified Field. Now in Lesson 2, Dr. Joe discusses what exactly that connection means in real life and how to strengthen it even more. He also outlines the habits and blocks that keep you from tapping into its incredible power, thereby blocking your power.
By deeply understanding how to become one with the intelligent love and loving intelligence that is all around you, you start to become more like it. Soon, feeling joyful, loving, and free will simply become a habit. And as Dr. Joe notes, once you experience this, you won’t want for anything because you’ll already have everything.

Lesson 3: Energy center’s programming
Every energy center of the body has its own energy, its own frequency and its own chemistry. Each one has its own consciousness, its own hormones, and its own glands. Essentially, your health is controlled by these eight energy centers. In this lesson, Dr. Joe helps you know accurately how they function and how they can malfunction when their energy is disordered. Then, he will teach you an exciting practice that takes the blessing of these energy centers from Lesson 1 – up a level by generating particular symbols for every center.
Using these signs, he walks you through an exceptional healing meditation that works with every center’s frequency, allowing your autonomic nervous system to create order and heal you at the cellular level.

Lesson 4: Getting over yourself
this will dig into the concept of shifting your awareness from matte to energy so as to bring the future into the now. You’ll learn the vast differences between the realm of materialism and the realm of energy so that you can understand clearly why keeping your focus in the material world interferes with the creation of the life you desire. Dr. Joe also provides a roadmap to track in order to get from your thinking brain into your subconscious – Consisting addressing common blocks you may face as you work to shift your awareness.
He closes out the lesson with a meditation on getting beyond yourself, which will help you connect within and experience greater degrees of wholeness, oneness, and unity.

Lesson 5: Time space
Space-time.and time-space? What? In lesson five, Dr. Joe further grow the model of materialism versus energy and really takes you into the exciting heart of quantum physics! Fortunately, he has years of experience explaining difficult-to-understand ideas, so even the most science-phobic person can grasp concepts such as collapsing time and space, 5-D versus 3-D reality, and multiple dimensions. By the end of this lesson, you’ll fully comprehend how to access the quantum realm in order to select a potential reality. In other words, you’ll understand exactly how you can shift your life and create the future you most desire by tuning into the Divine.

Lesson 6: Reminiscing your future
In this lesson, you really put the pedal to the metal regarding making your own future. Also, Dr. Joe introduces you to 2 fascinating tools – the kaleidoscope and Mind Movies – which, when used together, help you easily provide a palpable experience of the life that you dream of. Every tool serves a particular purpose: The kaleidoscope helps you get beyond your thinking brain in order to open up to a deeper emotional experience.
The Mind Movies, which are essentially like video vision boards, create that experience. By allowing yourself to truly feel the joy, freedom, love, and success in your Mind Movie, you are creating memories of the future, which shift your destiny right here in the present day.

Lesson 7: Choosing Yourself
In this last lesson, he helps you understand how all the incredible work you’ve been doing in this course fits into your busy life and outlines some of the obstacles most people face when trying to maintain their practice. While you’ll certainly stuck in problems. For instance: self-doubt, skepticism from family and friends, and even something as basic as finding the time to connect with the Divine, these should not stop you.

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