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Duke Roufus – Going Into The Matrix Defending The Jab

Duke Roufus – Going Into The Matrix Defending The Jab
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Size: 2.4 GB
Author: Duke Roufus
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Going Into The Matrix Defending The Jab by Duke Roufus

Explore the Micro Details of How To Defend and Counter The Jab in a Variety of Scenarios With Legendary Kickboxing Champion and World Renowned Coach Duke Roufus
– Legendary kickboxer Duke Roufus has been competing and passing on knowledge for decades as a former kickboxing champion and now as one of the most sought after striking coaches in the world
– After collecting multiple prestigious titles in the sport of kickboxing Roufus has continued his legacy as a coach, producing multiple high level athletes such as former UFC Champions, Anthony Pettis, and Tyron Woodely
– Go in-depth with the jab and master multiple scenarios where this important strike takes center stage
– Counter the jab with return kicks, knees, and devastating elbows that can completely turn the tide of a fight

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