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eCommerce SEO Mastery: 10 Huge SEO Wins for Any Online Store

eCommerce SEO Mastery: 10 Huge SEO Wins for Any Online Store
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eCommerce SEO (Finally) Explained? Yes, Please!
Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce is not easy. But it will be after you finish the eCommerce SEO Mastery eBook. Save your time and get exactly what you need in just one place.

Tried, Tested, And Proven Methods You Can Use to Improve Online Store SEO
Even if you:
– Have never tried to do SEO for online stores before
– Tried SEO but failed and didn’t see any ROI
– Currently doing eCommerce SEO and want to make sure you’re doing it properly.

The eCommerce SEO tips you will find in this eBook have helped me do the following things for my clients:
– Achieve a 5400% increase in sales year over year
– Achieve a 657% increase in traffic year over year
– Turn a product that didn’t sell into a bestseller without changing the product itself
– Decrease ad spent by 42% by bringing in more people organically using SEO

Who Is This eBook For?
Great question!
– SEOs, Who Want to Learn The Most Important Secrets of eCommerce SEO. It will especially work for junior SEOs or for seasoned B2B SEOs who are starting in eCommerce or want to bring the pieces of the puzzle together.
– Marketers, Willing to Be Efficient with the Marketing Budget
– Store Owners, Looking to Get More Traffic and Sales

What You Get:
– Find the ultimate list of the Title tag pointers that will work for any store
– Get the whole process for optimizing category and product pages so that you never feel stuck or confused about it again
– Learn how to find new category ideas using the TOP framework and other actionable techniques
– Find the answer to the most common question about product variations: should they have separate URLs? (+ an easy scheme that you can use any time)
– Become a pro in handling discontinued products to maximize SEO and sales
– Understnd how to use user intent to create the right content that users want to see
– Learn how to properly identify the user intent using SERP features and other techniques
– Everything you need to know about faceted navigation and how to use it to benefit SEO and increase traffic that converts
– Learn how to use a web technology information profiler tool to improve page speed
– Find eCommerce pagination techniques: is it good or evil and whether it should be kept out of Google’s sight?
– Learn about the 2 main reasons why most SEO issues happen and the exact steps to fix them
– And so much more!

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