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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Entreprenuer

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Entreprenuer
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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Training – Basic Module
What you’ll learn:
Overview of Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Type of charging connectors and industry standards overview

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Mobility is core aspect of modern civilization and the transportation of people and goods impacts many aspects of life. ​Though transportation of people and goods is one of the key drivers of growth, it is also leading to serious health concern through air pollution. Air pollution is already a global public health crisis contributing to premature deaths of 7 million every year. One of the top contributors in air pollution is vehicle emissions and to address this Electric Vehicles can play critical role.

Electric Vehicles (EV) are energy efficient and environment friendly, EV has the potential to reduce the emissions of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide by up to 98% compared to internal combustion engines so as to reduce the air pollution. ​Utilizing the rechargeable battery packs with electricity as source of energy significantly reduces the operating cost of vehicles. However one of the major hold-ups for poor migration to Electric Vehicle adoption is due to lack of supporting infrastructure and charging stations​. According to Electric Vehicle Outlook, EVSE industry is expected to have cumulative annual growth rate of 15%+ to support need of 11 million charging connectors globally by 2035​. Increased wide network and availability of fast charge stations will support in building consumer confidence in migration to e-mobility and will lead to faster adoption. ​

Our mission is to enable and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles through training and consulting services by creating new business models for electric vehicles charging infrastructure, increasing consumer confidence in e-mobility and generating employment opportunities to deliver economic value.

This course will cover these topics –

Electric Vehicle Market Opportunity

EV Opportunity description

Challenges in EV adoption

Global EV Trends and Opportunities

Drivers of growth in next 20 years

Electric Two-wheeler sales outlook for next 20 years

EV charging infrastructure current status and opportunities

India Advantage and Government Initiatives (This is optional lecture as it covers only India advantage and government initiatives for faster adoption of electric vehicles)

India automobile scenario

Government of India Initiatives for faster EV adoption

FAME India scheme

Overview of Electric Vehicles

What is Electric Vehicle (EV), A bit of history, Types of EVs

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)

Comparison between Internal Combustion Engine and Electric Vehicles

Basic components of EV

Overview of Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Architecture of EV Charging Infrastructure

Types of EV charging station – AC Charging, DC Charging and Wireless Charging

Setting up Public Charging Station (PCS), infrastructure requirements

Types of Charging Connectors

Types of Charging Connectors based on charging types – Type 1, Type 2, CCS, CHAdeMO, Tesla Supercharger plug

Industry Standards Overview

International standards for conductive charging systems

International standards for electrical connectors for electric vehicles

Who this course is for
Electric Vehicle Enthusiast, Entrepreneurs

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