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Five-Figure Passive Income from Affiliate Marketing

Five-Figure Passive Income from Affiliate Marketing
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I spoon-fed you the method that made me a five-figure passive income from Affiliate Marketing.
What you’ll learn
Affiliate marketing
Making money online
Passive income
Digital marketing
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Do you want to learn the exact method that made me a five-figure, long-term passive income from Affiliate Marketing?
No stone unturned.
No hidden secrets.
Everything I did, I share with you in this course.
But why choose my course over all the others out there…?
Nearly all courses purporting to help you to ‘make money online’ aren’t worth spending your hard-earned money on.
Why? Because the majority will provide you with general generic information, instead of the specific methods, secrets and tips that you were hoping for.
Well, this course is different. I show you exactly what I do make a passive income of over $25,000 from affiliate marketing over the last four years. Everything I have done and learnt is shared with you in 7 hours worth of videos and over 60 pages of written instructions.
Sure, seven hours may seem like a long time – but what you will learn in those 420 minutes will be invaluable and more than worth the time watched. Plus, you are free to download these videos to watch when and where you like.
To download the 62-page course handbook and other resources included with this class (spreadsheets, images etc.), please watch the video entitled ‘How to Download the Course Handbook & Resources’ (it’s right at the bottom).
The Course Handbook contents (and the number of corresponding videos):
Chapter 1: The Niche.
Chapter 2: The ‘Exploit’ (four videos).
Chapter 3: An In-depth look into the Niche, Keywords & Your Options (five videos).
Chapter 4: Building Your Site (four videos).
Chapter 5: SEO & Marketing (three videos).
Chapter 6: ‘Always Have An Escape Route’ (1 video).
Chapter 7: Q & A (1 video).
Chapter 8: Final Thoughts & DIscussion
Resources Section
Who this course is for:
Beginner through to experienced

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Membership expires after 365 Days.

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