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Forex Swing Trading Course – Advance Swing Trading Strategy

Forex Swing Trading Course – Advance Swing Trading Strategy
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Author: Daksh
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Master Forex Swing Trading Strategy with a Complete Risk Management Plan.
Forex Trading Strategy
Forex Swing Trading Strategy
Forex Risk Management
Swing Trading Strategy
Basic Knowledge of Forex Trading
Hello . My name is Daksh .For those who don’t know me I am a Professional Forex Trader and Investor.
When you start trading in forex , every one is looking for a Good Strategy
But what is a Good Strategy ?
What are the factors which tell us that weather the strategy is good or not ?
If you go out in the market searching for a forex trading strategy .
They all will tell you win rate is the most import part
And this is why the whole market is selling their strategy based on win rate
80% win rate 90% win rate and I have seen people claiming 100% win rate of their strategy .
Keep this thing in mind there is no strategy in the world that can claim 100% win rate
And the other hand win rate cannot even tell 20% about the strategy.
It is just like judging a car just based on its top speed .
We cannot judge a car just based on 1 factor there are a lot more important factors like mileage , safety comfort etc.
In the same way there are other factors too which you should consider before choosing or buying a forex trading strategy .
Like Risk to reward
Does it have a Risk Management plan
How many setups we can get in a day or a week
And which type of trading strategy it is
After all these questions are answered then only you can evaluate and select a strategy .
So In this class I will be teaching you a simple and secret forex trading strategy
Which has
80% of win rate
1:4 – 1:6 risk to reward ratio
It provides multiple setups each day
And yes it comes with its own risk management plan.
This is a forex swing trading strategy
In this class I will teach you
How the forex market works and why does it moves ?
How does forex market moves and what does it tells us
What is support and resistance
How to draw support and resistance correctly ( Very Important 80% of people identify support and resistance in a wrong manner
How to Identify proper divergence
My Secret Trading Strategy
Risk Management Plan for this specific strategy
I hope I have answered and mentioned everything you need to know about this class
So without wasting any lets get started
forex traders
swing traders
swing trading

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