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Garry Tonon – Habits For Highly Effective Jiu-Jitsu

Garry Tonon – Habits For Highly Effective Jiu-Jitsu
Original Price: $197

Size: 19.3 GB
Author: Garry Tonon
Sale Page:_https://bjjfanatics.com/products/habits-for-highly-effective-jiu-jitsu-by-garry-tonon
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Develop A Fundamentally Strong Grappling Style With These Lessons On Habits & Concepts From ADCC Medalist & MMA Star Garry Tonon.

– Master concepts like using levers, wedges, fulcrums, kuzushi, and more to build a more conceptually strong game that improves everywhere
– Instead of focusing on a single position, Garry shows a variety of concepts that can be applied across a ton of situations – with examples you can use to start developing your skills
– Understand your opponent better as Garry breaks down ways to problem solve the situation in front of you
– Garry Tonon is the most dynamic grappler on Earth, an ADCC Medalist, 5-time EBI Champion, and a founding athlete in the Danaher Death Squad
– Garry teaches you techniques from tons of positions, including sweeps, passes, submissions, and more, all with an overall focus on concept-based learning
– Get lessons on how to start winning grip fighting battles, create and recognize patterns, misdirect, and more on this 10-volume series

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