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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing : Advanced concepts

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing : Advanced concepts
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Learn to interpret and apply advanced concepts of GD&T on patterns, slots, irregular parts and more
What you’ll learn
Geometric Tolerancing of Patterns of features
Using Composite position control for controlling patterns and features
How to use Datum targets on irregular shape parts
Projected Tolerance zone
Methodology of tolerancing slots
Comparison of composite control vs multi segment control
Refinement of orientation of form controls

The course deals with advanced concepts and requires good understanding of Basics of GD&T
Symbols, Datums, Modifiers, virtual conditions , concept of size, form orientation and position
Topics covered :

Profile tolerance in depth

Relimited control of profile

Biased tolerance zone

Application of profile on Flange part

How are Patterns toleranced and what does the callout mean with multiple examples

Using Patterns as datums

Refinement of Orientation and Form in Position and Profile tolerance

Auxiliary datums – Datums apart from the datum reference frame.

Inclined datum features – two examples

Concept of simultaneous requirements- What does it mean ? What does it imply?

Difference between simultaneous and seperate requirements

Gauging with simultaneous requirements

Gauging with seperate requirements

Composite position control

Composite vs Multi segment position control

Composite Gauging

Composite Profile control vs multi segment profile control

Tolerancing of slots – Methods and their differences

Using slots as Datums

Datum Targets – Why use them ? When to use them ? How to use them ?

Inspection with datum targets

What is Zero positional tolerancing at MMC? with example and why use it?

What is Projected tolerance zone ? with example and why use it?

All the lectures are in form of

Short “to the point ” explanations of concepts

Focus on practical examples

Learn the why and why not along with comparisons

Pre-requisites required:

Understanding of Basic concepts of GD&T like


Modifiers and material conditions

Tolerance zones

Symbol meanings

Concept of Size, Form , orientation, and location

Virtual conditions

Who this course is for:
Design engineers working in industry
Mechanical engineering students
Manufacturing Personnel – Inspection & Production

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