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Google Ads For Ecommerce Businesses – Specialized Course

Google Ads For Ecommerce Businesses – Specialized Course
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From strategy all the way to setting up, optimising & reporting on Google Ads campaigns for your eCommerce retailer
What you’ll learn
Run Google Ads Campaigns for eCommerce sites like a pro!
Optimize Campaign Structure Specifically for eComm
Tips and Tricks for marketing your eCommerce Business
Some familiarity with Google Ads is assumed
With over 10 years experience running Google Ads campaigns for my eCommerce clients, I bring you a wealth of knowledge in how to run campaigns that will give you an edge over your competition. The course discusses the strategy behind building successful campaigns and walks you through the process of setting up and running eCommerce campaigns. The course is recorded on the new version of the Google Ads interface, many other similar courses have not been updated and are now outdated. I provide insights and Google Ads tools you can use for your eCommerce business. This includes: Building a strategic campaign structure to make the most of the Google Ads consoleUtilising Dynamic Search Campaigns to leverage long tail traffic and keep costs lowSetting up Search Campaigns to best target category trafficImplementing dynamic ad customisers to create hyper relevant ads for searchersStructuring your Google Shopping Campaigns for easy optimisation towards maximum ROI. Multi-tiered Retargeting strategies specifically tailored for eCommerce campaignsWe also discuss setting up tracking for eCommerce campaigns and using the Google Analytics eCommerce and enhanced eCommerce report features. Chris Hamlin wrote: The course is great. Very easy to follow and very practical. I’m already using some of the things that Mark describes in the course. Highly recommended!Nadir Kabir wrote: Great course and very insightful instructor. Still going thru the course and I find the content very useful and applicable so far.
Section 1: Ecommerce for AdWords Campaigns
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Ecommerce Campaign Structure
Lecture 3 Dynamic Search Ads
Lecture 4 Search Campaigns
Lecture 5 Ad Customisers
Lecture 6 Google Shopping Campaign Structure Setup
Lecture 7 Multi-tiered Retargeting strategies tailored for eCommerce
Lecture 8 404 Error Checking Script
Section 2: Ecommerce & enhanced ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics
Lecture 9 Background to ecommerce tracking reports
Lecture 10 Setup for ecommerce tracking
Lecture 11 Ecommerce Reports Review in Google Analytics
Section 3: Product Feeds for AdWords
Lecture 12 The Future of Google Shopping
Lecture 13 Background to Product Feeds
Lecture 14 Google Merchant Centre Walk-through
Lecture 15 Feed Policy & Troubleshooting Issues
Lecture 16 Optimising Feed Quality
Lecture 17 Advanced Merchant Centre: Opportunities, Suggestions & Price Benchmarks
Anyone working for or with an eCommerce website

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