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Jillian Michaels – for Beginners – Frontside / Backside

Jillian Michaels – for Beginners – Frontside / Backside
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Fitness Expert – Jillian Michaels has released an updated DVD set for beginners that will suit absolutely everyone.

These workouts target the muscles of the upper and lower body and consist of six cardio-strength intervals, each of which will undoubtedly burn tons of calories and tone the muscles. Join the team of former members of the fitness program – “The Biggest Loser” – Kimi Dove, Shane Giles and Pete Thomas. Throughout the workout, they will help you maintain unlimited motivation, and in a separate “Interview” segment they will share their training experience with you and give you a lot of useful tips. legs (it fits perfectly with Jillian’s Backside workout). The workout includes an easy-to-do series of aerobic / tonic cycles that alternate fat-burning cardio exercises with exercises aimed at developing muscle tone.
xBackside – The purpose of this workout is to work out the muscles of the glutes, legs and back (it is intended to be used in conjunction with Jillian’s Front Side Workout). The workout consists of simple aerobic and tonic sequence cycles, where aerobic exercise is alternated with muscle tone exercises.
xDuring training, Jillian explains the purpose, objectives and principles of the impact of each exercise. The workout is filmed in the format of an individual workout with Jillian in real time. Gillian trains the client in a one-on-one mode, gives advice on the technique of performing exercises and motivates in his unique, already legendary, style. For workouts, you will need a rubber cushion and 3 to 5 pounds of dumbbells. Optionally, you can use a small 4-inch (~ 10 cm) step platform. There is no musical accompaniment. The video includes interviews with those who have successfully lost weight.

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