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Jim Rohn – How to Have Your Best Year Ever

Jim Rohn – How to Have Your Best Year Ever
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Imagine yourself as the person youve always wanted to be. How far are you from that vision today? Whether youre a short step or a long journey away, the energizing and highly motivating video seminar will give you the tools and confidence you need to get all the way there and then go miles beyond it!

In How to Have Your Best Year Ever, Jim Rohn acts as your guide toward guaranteed personal and professional success. This four-DVD program delivers dozens of proven ways to transform your life fast, including how to:

* Keep your priorities straight
* Release yourself from the crowd of followers
* Reverse failure by uncovering the essence of it
* Make yourself more valuable
* Discover the four seasons of opportunity and make them work for you
* Ignite your ambition and launch yourself to the highest heights
* And much more!

Jim Rohn is the ultimate motivator a mentor to the mentors whose inimitable straightforward style and profoundly practical wisdom have made him a worldwide legend. Under his guidance, youll become a master of the success principles that govern the actions and create the successes of the top 3% of the worlds achievers.

Make the next 12 months the greatest of your life and stay at that extraordinary level of achievement for the rest of your life with Jim Rohns powerhouse personal development techniques.

Discover the day that turns your life around and puts you on the road to having your best year ever! In this five hour seminar, filmed before a live audience, you’ll learn the keys to success in life and how to accomplish your goals. Everyone is interested in getting more out of life, but few are willing to turn that interest into action. In “How to Have Your Best Year Ever,” Jim Rohn will show you how simple it is to begin to turn your dreams into reality! Decide today to make this one of the most valuable additions to your family or business DVD library!

Subjects include:
– The Life Puzzle
– Personal Development
– The Five Abilities
– Setting Goals
– Self Esteem
– Financial Independence
– Communication

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LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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