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Jimmy Chin – Teaches Adventure Photography

Jimmy Chin – Teaches Adventure Photography
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Author: Jimmy Chin
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Jimmy Chin has built his career taking photographs on the world’s highest peaks, which have earned him a National Geographic cover and many awards.

Now he will guide you through his shoot to teach you how to create breathtaking shots. Learn about his various creative approaches for advertising photography, magazine spreads and incredible projects. Find new tools and experiences for yourself to take your photography to new heights.
01.On Location: Climbing Photoshoot
Meet your new instructor-world-renowned photographer Jimmy Chin-and join him on location for a photoshoot with his climber friends Conrad Anker and Bree Buckley.
02.On Location: Portraits and Natural Light
The photoshoot continues as Jimmy leads you through an outdoor portrait session with Conrad and teaches you how he thinks about using natural light.
03.Capturing Your Passions
Learn Jimmy’s philosophy for finding your voice as a photographer, evolving creatively, and learning from failure.
04.Principles of Narrative: Concept, Research, and Pitch
With a focus on editorial photography, Jimmy teaches you how to construct a photo narrative to win magazine clients and tell a compelling story.
05.Principles of Narrative: The Shoot and the Edit
Now that you have a clear, powerful story in mind, Jimmy explains the core tenets of working with your editor and subjects to bring that story to life.
06.Photo Studies: Shooting at the Top
Join Jimmy as he breaks down two sky-high photoshoots from his career: one from the top of the tallest building in the United States, the other from the peak of the tallest mountain in the world.
07.Commercial Work: Pitching and Working With Clients
Learn Jimmy’s strategy for winning commercial clients, executing effective work, and integrating your creative voice into brand campaigns.
08.Commercial Case Study: Canon Shoot
Analyzing photos and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from a high-alpine photoshoot, Jimmy teaches his approach to leading a team and composing shots in the mountains.
09.High-Stakes Photography
Learn Jimmy’s set of practical directives for safely and constructively running a creative shoot when the stakes are high.
10.Photo Studies: Creative Partnerships
In this chapter, featuring an interview with renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker, Jimmy breaks down how creative relationships fuel his photography, and explores the importance of forging partnerships with those who push you to greater heights.
11.Building and Leading a Team
A photographer is often the creative leader of a team. Jimmy teaches you how to set the bar high for professionalism and convey your creative vision, and lets you in on the preproduction meeting for the on-location shoots earlier in the class.
12.Photo Studies: Mountain Architecture
Jimmy breaks down his approach to photographing mountain landscapes, and how he composes his shots.
Using the photos captured on the shoot with Conrad, Jimmy teaches you his process for sifting through hundreds of images to find the best few for his narrative.
14.Post-Processing: Conrad on the Wall
Jimmy takes you through a granular look at the tweaks he makes to a photo before presenting it to a commercial or editorial client.
15.Post-Processing: Portrait
Learn Jimmy’s techniques for retouching portraits as he moves through wide shots of Conrad against the horizon to portraits of him atop the wall.
16.Gear: Cameras, Lenses, Power, and Storage
Jimmy describes which cameras, lenses, and accessories he takes with him on shoots-and why.
17.Settings: Modes, ISO, Focus, and Depth of Field
Get the most out of your camera’s functions and lenses. Jimmy dives into how different settings have different effects, and shares practical tips for determining which configuration will help you get the best shot.
18.Career Advice: Building a Body of Work
Building a career takes tenacity and patience. Learn Jimmy’s philosophy behind a life in photography–and how hard work, passion, and perseverance can lead to success.
19.Becoming a Photographer: Jimmy’s Story
From his childhood in Mankato, Minnesota to the cover of National Geographic, Jimmy shares his story of becoming a professional photographer and offers advice for finding your own mentors.
20.Conclusion: Be Present on Your Journey
Jimmy wraps up his MasterClass with a few encouraging words on the importance of valuing the process over the final achievement, living in the moment, and pursuing your passion.

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