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Jon Sinn – Sexual Intelligence Training Program

Jon Sinn – Sexual Intelligence Training Program
Original Price: $
Size: 943 MB
Author: Jon Sinn
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The “Sexual Intelligence Training Program” is designed to help men develop their seduction skills.
It shows you how communicate with women to attract and sleep with them. The program aims to teach you how to develop your sexual intelligence and sexual IQ to attract hotter women.
Some of the areas covered:
– Secrets of sexual leadership
– The secrets of sexual rapport
– Understanding different types of women
– How to know what a woman really wants
– How to develop rock-solid sexual self-esteem
– How to establish yourself as a sexual authority
– Harnessing your sexual power and confidence
– Tools of sexual influence to best seduce women
– Recognizing when a woman is in a sexual mode
– Learning sexual rapport to pick up on women’s signals
Bonus items include:
– Sexual Power Unleashed
– What Women Secretly Want
– Ultimate Guide to Threesomes
– How to Make a Woman Fall In Love With You


Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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