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Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School


Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School
Original Price: $1997
Size: 26.47 GB
Author: Julian Cole
Sale Page:_https://courses.strategyfinishingschool.com/master-course?coupon=LABORDAYSALE
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Membership Levels

What You Get:
Progress to a leadership role in strategy with the Strategy Finishing School.
The BIG-T Strategist model gives you a;:
• Strong foundation in the strategy craft with 9 modules
• BIG-T modules (Diplomacy, Management, and Selling Strategy) that elevate you to leadership
The School includes lifetime access to;
• 80+ video lessons
Master the skills of strategy needed at the 3 levels of your career
The modules help you at the three levels (Strategist, Strategy Director and Head Of Strategy).
Chapter 1 – Strategy Fundamentals (Strategist)
Chapters 2-8 – Research, Insights, Briefing, Brand Strategy, Comms Planning, Advertising Effectiveness, Business Strategy (Strategy Director)
Chapters 9-11 – Diplomacy, Management, Selling Strategy (Head Of Strategy)
Save your time with templates you can copy/paste
You will have access to the Strategy Finishing School Library, which is a Google folder containing presentations and templates that have saved Julian and other strategists hours of presentation creation time.
You can copy and paste templates including strategy set up decks, content strategy, scoping strategy, comms planning, strategy department vision, to over 100+ frameworks that are designed for you to swipe and save.
Course Modules & Lessons
Strategy Fundamentals
What is strategy?
Writing a strategy
Different types of strategy
Managing Downtime
Short Sharp Strategy
Who’s Who In Agencies
Strategy In Under An Hour
Helpful Strategy Resources
Kick Off Questions
Strategy Scrapbook
Art of Interviewing Clients
Evaluating Data Sources
Validating Problems/Insights
What are insights?
Insights vs. observations
Flipping Insights
Polishing Insights
Adding Tension
Creative Briefing
How to write a creative brief
Sacred Six Brief Template
Tactical Briefs
Single Minded Proposition
Biggest Mistakes With Creative Briefing
Giving Creative Feedback
Tips for Briefing Remotely
Brand Strategy
What is Brand Strategy?
Brand Frameworks
Brand Benefit Ladders
Brand Architecture
Brand Archetypes
Comms Planning
What is Comms Planning?
Consumer Journey Tools
Consumer Journey Mapping
Comms Framework
Comms Planning Questions
Tactical Briefing
Articulating An Idea
Idea Formula
Building Out An Execution
Campaign Ecosystem
Content Strategy (Annual)
Framework Factory
Innovation Checklist
Advertising Effectiveness
How Advertising Works
Cogs of Marketing Effectiveness
Mental And Physical Availability
Distinctive Assets
Category Entry Points
Different Types of Measurement
Creating a KPI Framework
Business Strategy
SWOT Analysis
Reading a Financial Report
Proactive Strategy
Growth Matrix
Business Strategy Models (Coming Soon)
Professional Development
Transitioning Into Strategy
Strategy Confidence
How To Get A Raise
Creating Your Pitch
Strategy Portfolio Website
Politics 101
How To Work With Creatives
How To Work With Media Agencies
Giving Creative Feedback
Designing Decks
Writing Presentations
Managing Planners
Strategist Interview Questions
Setting Up A Strategy Department
Setting Up A Strategy Department Vision
Scoping Strategy
Being Strategy About Resourcing
Selling Strategy
Scoping Strategy
Being Strategic About Strategy
Proactive Strategy
RICK Sales Model
How Agencies Make Money
Strategy Sales Models

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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