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Knife Wound First Aid

Knife Wound First Aid
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It is a willingness not only to inflict wounds, but also to accept them. It is a willingness to not only inflict injections and cuts, but also the understanding that you too can get cut. It is not easy for our psyche to accept, but only a person who is ready to shed his blood will be able to do it with the enemy. This is why I consider first aid skills to be a necessary part of every gun training course.
Today I present to you a film that should be included in the collection of everyone who wants to use a knife against a person. In fact, this should be the first film that should begin any knife fighting course.
John Clatt, a paramedic expert who trained the police and SWAT, presents a short but capacious and extremely informative DVD disc that will be useful to anyone who may face knife wounds, medics, law enforcement officers, bodyguards. The disc will focus not only on how to apply a bandage, but also on how to stop bleeding, how to prepare a wound for arrival at the hospital, how to minimize blood loss, how to deal with shock, how to prepare severed body parts, what to do, if the knife remains in the body and about many other little things, each of which can save your life. Although, God forbid, that it will never be useful to you.

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