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Make Your Own Chatbot With The Chatgpt Api

Make Your Own Chatbot With The Chatgpt Api
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Unlock the Power of Conversational AI: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Chatbot Using the ChatGPT API


What you’ll learn
Master the complexity of the ChatGPT API, understanding its concepts, tokens, and parameters.
Master the creation of functional chatbots using the ChatGPT API, adeptly customizing them to diverse scenarios.
Learn chatbot deployment using Streamlit, sharing your chatbots widely and seamlessly integrating them into real-world applications.
Explore and become proficient in essential tools beyond ChatGPT, including Google Colab, Streamlit, Ngrok, and more.


No prerequisites are required for taking this course.


ChatGPT, the conversational AI that was published at the end of November 2022, has garnered global attention for its high accuracy and natural language interface. With its versatility in handling various tasks, from legal consultations and counseling to education and creative endeavors, ChatGPT has become a powerful tool.In this course, you’ll explore the capabilities of the ChatGPT API, enabling you to build and deploy chatbots with diverse personalities and functionalities. By leveraging this API, you can create highly efficient custom chatbots for applications in daily life, education, businesses, and more.Utilizing a large-scale language model, this course demonstrates how, through effective prompt inputs, you can customize your chatbots with various personalities and features.The curriculum begins with the basics of Python and an overview of the ChatGPT API, followed by a step-by-step guide through each stage where you will construct your own perfectly functional chatbot and publish it to the public. You will gain knowledge from the basic to the intermediate level.This course goes beyond learning about ChatGPT and its API; you will also discover all the required tools and techniques to create a perfect chatbot application, such as Google Colab, Streamlit, Ngrok, and more.Course Outline:Python Refresher:Understand the fundamentals of Python to write basic code to access the ChatGPT API for your chatbot application.ChatGPT Introduction:Learn about ChatGPT, its API concept, tokens, temperatures, and more.Environmental Setup:Set up all the requirements to create a chatbot, including the API.Chatbot Development:Use the ChatGPT API to construct practical chatbots.Publishing Chatbots:Learn how to publish your created chatbots on the web.Building Various Chatbots:Set up prompts for different types of chatbots, explore a range of functionalities, and combine them within a single application.To build and publish the chatbot web application, we’ll utilize the Streamlit library as a web framework. While the course provides minimal Python programming language explanations. The primary development environment for Python is Google Colaboratory.Course Requirements:Compatible with Windows or Mac for the local environment, using Google Colaboratory.No technical knowledge in AI or machine learning is required.Compatibility:Compatible with GPT-3.5/GPT-4.Requirements:Account creation for Google, OpenAI, Ngrok, and Github.Who this Course is for:Those interested in creating new services using the ChatGPT API.Individuals looking to enjoy easy chatbot construction.Those wishing to incorporate ChatGPT into their services.Professionals or hobbyists interested in utilizing conversational AI in their work or personal interests.Enthusiasts looking to enjoy “chatbot creation” as a hobby.Individuals exploring the possibilities of conversational AI.


Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course Introduction
Section 2: Python Refresher
Lecture 2 Section Introduction
Lecture 3 Installing Python
Lecture 4 String, Numbers, Booleans and Variables
Lecture 5 List, Set, Tuples, Range and Dictionaries
Lecture 6 Conditions and Comments
Lecture 7 Loops, Functions and Modules
Lecture 8 Class and Objects
Lecture 9 Resources
Section 3: ChatGPT Introduction
Lecture 10 Section Introduction
Lecture 11 OpenAI and ChatGPT
Lecture 12 Tokens and Temperature
Lecture 13 OpenAI Usage Policy
Lecture 14 Resources
Section 4: Environmental Setup
Lecture 15 Section Introduction
Lecture 16 Tools Overview
Lecture 17 Google Colaboratory
Lecture 18 Github and Streamlit
Lecture 19 Ngrok and ChatGPT API
Lecture 20 Resources
Section 5: Chatbot Development
Lecture 21 Section Introduction
Lecture 22 Streamlit and Ngrok
Lecture 23 Play with Streamlit
Lecture 24 Integrate ChatGPT API
Lecture 25 Create Chatbot
Lecture 26 Resources
Section 6: Chatbot Live
Lecture 27 Section Introduction
Lecture 28 Code Preparation
Lecture 29 Create Github Repository
Lecture 30 Application Deployment
Lecture 31 Performance Analysis
Lecture 32 Resources
Section 7: Chatbot Manipulation
Lecture 33 Section Introduction
Lecture 34 Integrate Image in Chatbot
Lecture 35 Multiple Chatbots with Multipage
Lecture 36 Integrate More Chatbots with Different Prompts
Lecture 37 Performance Analysis
Lecture 38 Resources
Section 8: Bonus Section
Lecture 39 Bonus Lecture
Those interested in creating new services using the ChatGPT API.,Individuals looking to enjoy easy chatbot construction.,Those wishing to incorporate ChatGPT into their own services.,Professionals or hobbyists interested in utilizing conversational AI in their work or personal interests.,Enthusiasts looking to enjoy “chatbot creation” as a hobby.,Individuals exploring the possibilities of conversational AI.


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