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MasterClass – Tyler Mitchell Teaches Storytelling Through Portrait Photography

MasterClass – Tyler Mitchell Teaches Storytelling Through Portrait Photography
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Author: Tyler Mitchell
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A revolutionary talent, Tyler Mitchell made history as the first Black photographer to shoot an American Vogue cover, work that is part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection. Now he’s sharing his process with you. Discover how to create and compose striking portraits, work with natural light and shadow, and tell a compelling story through your photos-even if the only equipment you have is your phone.

11 video lessons (1h 30m)
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1. Meet Your Instructor
Whether shooting the cover of Vogue or capturing scenes at a skate park, Tyler Mitchell makes images with effortless beauty and thoughtful commentary on race in America. Tyler opens up about his art and the elements that go into making photos.
2. Telling Stories With Photography
Learn how to use photography to tell personal and emotional stories through Tyler’s examples and instructions.
3. Lighting & Composition
Tyler teaches the fundamentals of lighting, how to create moods through light, and how to shape and control indoor and natural light. Discover how lighting impacts composition and Tyler’s approach to creating strong frames for your photographs.
4. Demo: Shooting Indoors With Natural Light
By getting creative with household items-think sheets and shower curtains-a photographer can adapt to any lighting condition. Tyler demonstrates how to manipulate natural light and make professional portraits using only a smartphone.
5. Demo: Shooting Outdoors With Natural Light
When shooting outside, a photographer is subject to changes in weather and the movement of the sun. Tyler shows you how he works with changing light quality and explains how it affects his images.
6. Demo: Editing Your Photos
Tyler shares his method for selecting and processing his images.
7. Using a Camera That Reflects Your Voice
Tyler breaks down how to take photos with a film camera and explains why he considers himself part of the “post-DSLR” generation.
8. Demo: Film Photography in the Studio
Using a film camera, Tyler lights and shoots a pair of subjects in a professional studio.
9. Art Directing Your Photos
Colors, props, and locations can help you express your story. Tyler breaks down the elements of art direction that infuse story, self, and symbolism into his work.
10. Finding Your Audience Online
Finding a creative community online was crucial to Tyler’s early success. He shares advice on how to harness the internet to get feedback, showcase your portfolio, and get your work published.
11. Building Confidence as an Artist

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