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MasterClass – Yo-Yo Ma Teaches Music and Connection

MasterClass – Yo-Yo Ma Teaches Music and Connection
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Likely the world’s most recognizable cellist, Yo-Yo Ma has spent more than 60 years creating meaning through music. Now, the 18-time Grammy Award winner is sharing that experience with you. Whether or not you play an instrument, explore Yo-Yo Ma’s philosophy for embracing music’s emotional power, expand your self-expression and creativity, and develop a deeper appreciation for music’s ability to connect people and culture.

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1. Meet Your Instructor: Yo-Yo Ma
2. What Is Music For?
3. Finding Connection and Common Purpose
4. Developing Creativity
5. Performance: Bach, Suite no. 5, “Sarabande”
6. Expressing Ourselves to Make an Impact
7. Case Study: Balancing Structure and Emotion
8. Case Study: Activating Conscious and Subconscious Expression
9. Making Your Head, Heart, and Hands Work Together
10. Adding Depth to Collaboration
11. Bridging Arts and Sciences
12. You Are Powerful

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