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Mastering C Programming – From Zero to Hero

Mastering C Programming – From Zero to Hero
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In-depth coverage of Object Oriented Programming, Basics of C++, STL, Modern C++ with C++11 to C++17

What you’ll learn
Gain in-depth knowledge in Object Oriented Programming using C++
Complete understanding of C++ Language
Create well indented Classes and Application programs
Can able to understand complicated problems and solve using C++ Language
Acquire skills that will be useful for understanding in-depth Object Oriented programming Concepts
Get In-depth coverage of Strings and its functions in C++
Fully Explore the Standard Template Library to maximum extent
Learn Modern C++ concepts including C++ 11 to C++17

This course fully covers from classical C++ to Modern C++ style of creating object Oriented Programs from scratch to advance level in a step-by-step approach. The course teaches in detail the latest concepts introduced in C++11, C++14 and C++17. The object oriented programming concepts are covered in detail such that you will learn all the concepts including classes, objects, Data Abstraction, Data Encapsulation, Inheritance, polymorphism (including Operator overloading and Function Overloading). The main focus of the course apart from Fundamentals of programming and Object Oriented Programming is on Templates(including Function and Class Templates) , which is a building block to understand STL implementation. And standard template library is explored to maximum extent in detail along with the almost all the concepts from the latest versions of C++

The Course entirely covers all String Functions included in the latest version of C++ along with the basic programming concepts like operators, variables, Conditional statements and looping structures, functions(User-Defined and Recursive Functions), reference parameters, Arrays,File I/O and vectors in C++.has been discussed in details.

The step by step approach of first learning concepts, then followed by practice programs and then solving programming challenges will definitely benefit you to get more confidence with C++ programming.

Not only as a Instructor, but I will be available through out the course, as mentor and as guide, to assist and guide you alongside doing the programs in C++ and that will be best way to complete the programs and programming challenges.

So, If you have any doubt in any topic then you can,

1. Message me

2. Ask Question using Q&A option under the same section

3. paste the program source code to debug and remove errors, your errors will be removed instantly( in less than 24 hours).

4. paste the screenshot of the problem

Happy Learning and Coding in C++

Who this course is for:
Graduates and Undergraduates who want to Learn Object Oriented Programming through C++ Language
Any aspirant with Basic knowledge of C programming
Fresher Students to Crack Campus interviews in OOPS using C++ Language
Students with C++ in their Curriculum want to Learn beyond their syllabus and gain extra knowledge of Object Orientation
Students with no prior Programming knowledge and fears programming

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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