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Michael Breen – Going Beyond The Modeler’s Edge

Michael Breen – Going Beyond The Modeler’s Edge
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Author: Michael Breen
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Ever wonder what happens when two leading master trainers in the field of NLP get together and talk “shop”. Well now you can know exactly what goes down as you listen in as Master Trainer Michael Breen interviews fellow Master Trainer Charles Faulkner. Charles developed notoriety in NLP for his extensive work of modeling derivatives traders and other leading minds in the area of finance. He also co-wrote one of the most famous books of NLP, called “NLP: The New Technology of Achievement” and delivers trainings around the world. Sparks of insight usually happen whenever these two come together, and as a member of NLP Times Platinum Audio News Club, you get to listen in.
In this exclusive bonus we join Michael as he and Charles talk in a fast paced manner about NLP beyond the edges of the traditional models.
Expect to learn:
* Why We Have Six Kinesthetic Senses and NOT just one as generalised in the current models NLP
* Why you need to know about propreception preferences
* Why the parts model of NLP is out outdated way of looking at change and balance
* Why modeling is NOT copying .. as so many NLPers still think it is
* Why Charles feels the current models of NLP are holding the field back …
* Hear about the LOST presupposition of NLP that is MORE important than ever today
* How environment is key component when organizing a model and creating change for someone else?
* The challenge with holding on to old models and ways of thinking
* And much more …


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