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Michael Spiropoulos – Interview Skills That Win The Job

Michael Spiropoulos – Interview Skills That Win The Job
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Author: Michael Spiropoulos
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Got a job interview next week? Congratulations! Interviews are the deal-breaker that can win or lose you the job, so now’s the time to brush up on those interview skills. Have you prepared answers for all the tricky questions that interviewers can throw at you, like ‘Why would you like to work here?’, ‘What are your weaknesses?’, or those thorny scenario questions where you have to think on your feet? “Interview Skills that Win the Job” will give you the confidence you need to stay calm and in control to impress even the most hardened of interviewers. No more long-winded answers, debilitating nerves or being stumped by difficult questions – here are all the tips you need for interview success. More than a guide to answering questions, “Interview Skills that Win the Job” covers everything you need to know, from what to do when faced with a panel of interviewers, to selecting an appropriate outfit and ensuring your body language gives the right message. Don’t let this potentially nerve-wracking experience undo your chances, do your homework before the interview, and win the job of your dreams.

1 Interview myths 1
2 Convincing them you’re right for the job 11
3 Can you do the job? 22
4 Same skills, different job 42
5 Your potential to tackle new tasks 49
6 ‘Are you the sort of person we can work with?’ 56
7 Employers love motivated employees 67
8 The ‘big five’ questions 73
9 Building rapport and trust 89
10 Effective answers to common questions 129

Interview Skills that Win the Job offers an innovative and exciting
approach to developing interview skills. As well as letting you know
what’s needed to succeed at interviews, it goes one important step
further and demonstrates how you can prepare your own answers
including exercises designed to improve your skills. People who
consistently succeed at interviews are those who take the time to
prepare their own answers rather than simply using answers they
have read or heard elsewhere.
Whether you’re a recent school leaver or a seasoned professional,
this book will show you how to prepare highly effective answers
and how to deliver them in a confident manner whilst establishing
that all-important rapport with interviewers.
The book recognises that one of the major obstacles to successful
interviewing is organising a vast amount of detail about what you’ve
done in previous jobs (or at school or university) and expressing
this information in a clear and convincing way at the interview.
The book has been designed specifically to prevent you from:
• giving those long-winded answers that drive interviewers to
• failing to mention important key achievements and kicking
yourself afterwards;
• being stumped by certain questions and not providing an intelligent
• failing to build rapport and trust.
In addition to teaching you how to respond to popular interview
questions and distinguishing a good answer from a bad one, Interview
Skills that Win the Job will go through the specific steps you need
to establish rapport and trust during the course of the interview.
The reason for this is simple: if you fail to establish rapport and
trust, it is highly unlikely that you will get the job—no matter how
technically brilliant your answers are.
The skills and techniques you will develop from reading
this book will remain with you for the rest of your working life.
They will immeasurably improve your chances of winning those
hard-to-get jobs and contribute to a rewarding career.

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