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Muddy Colors Pack 5,6 – Dan dos Santos, Vanessa Lemen, Annie Stegg, Greg Manches

Muddy Colors Pack 5,6 – Dan dos Santos, Vanessa Lemen, Annie Stegg, Greg Manches
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Muddy Colors Pack 5,6 contents:
– Flow – Vanessa Lemen
– Painting a President – Greg Manchess
– Painting Poe – Greg Manchess
– Underpainting & Glazing (Parts 1 and 2) – Annie Stegg
– Sketches, nine brief interviews on the art of sketching(Donato Giancola – Anthony Palumbo – Vanessa Lemen – Sean Andrew Murray – Justin Gerard – Annie Stegg – Kristine Poole – Scott Fischer – Lauren Panepinto)
– Photography for Illustrators – Dan dos Santos
– Unscripted(improvised painting) – Dan do Santos

Vanessa Lemen: Flow
In this video Vanessa Lemen walks us through her highly improvisational painting process. She discusses her thought process, materials, and techniques, as she creates unconventional textures and uses them to inspire her, discovering the final image as she goes. A real master of her craft, Vanessa creates a truly stunning painting right before your eyes.
Runtime: 1 hr, 48 min
Resolution: 1080p

Painting a President with Greg Manchess
Watch award winning artist Greg Manchess walk us through his process of painting a portrait in oil paints from start to finish.

Greg Manchess, Painting Poe
It’s been years since we’ve gotten to do a demo with Greg Manchess, so we are really excited about making this one finally happen.
In this video you’ll see world-renowned illustrator, Gregory Manchess, take a black and white photo and reinterpret it in full color using oil paints. Captured entirely in real-time, watch him paint and explain his choices while inventing vibrant, life-like flesh tones on the fly.
This demo is moderated by fellow illustrator, Dan dos Santos, who asks Greg an array of questions while he works, offering additional insight into the artist’s thought processes and influences.

Underpainting & Glazing with Annie Stegg Gerard
In this special 2-Part series, Annie Stegg Gerard demonstrates her classical approach to oil painting. In the first video, she walks us through a traditional Underpainting process. In the second video, she shows us how to glaze color over the very same underpainting. With over 4 Hours of content, this is an amazing introduction to classical techniques similar to those used by the Old Masters.

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