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Neel Sarode – Funnel Designer (Update 1)

Neel Sarode – Funnel Designer (Update 1)
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Author: Neel Sarode
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Want to learn how to design funnels like this?
Using ClickFunnels interface to build beautiful funnels that break the industry standard of ‘cartoony’ funnels
The #1 Course for Revolutionizing Your Funnels

Funnel Designer is the key to building better funnels faster, saving you time, making you more money, and giving your clients better results.
The design of your funnels directly affects your income & your reputation too!
Charge more for your funnels
Impress and attract clients, visually
Convert more visitors into paying customers

What you will learn inside Funnel Designer
1. Design Principles
Learn exactly what to keep in mind when building your funnels so users are IMPRESSED by your pages and are able to follow an easy & clear path to conversion
Designing for Conversions
Learn the exact 3 things you need for optimal conversions rates on your funnels
Visual Hierarchy
Discover timeless principles that are proven to generate interest and grab attention
Readability & Clarity
Watch as I show you how to space / style your elements for maximum readability & clarity
Color Theming your Funnels
I teach you color theming your funnels and the different psychologies of different colors

2. Layouts on CF
Use my exact hacks and techniques to use ClickFunnels to build funnels exactly how you want them to look (and convert)
Rows vs. Columns
I show you exactly how rows and columns work on CF – and how you can use them to build complex layouts and designs
Mastery of Margin
Learn the workings of margin and how you can use it to add layering and unconventional alignment on your funnel designs
Mastery of Padding
I teach you how you can use padding to increase readability and ease of use of your page, all while keeping good design
Mobile Optimization
Responsive text, fluid vs. fill width buttons, and duplicating and hiding / showing sections.. Must see for optimal mobile designs

3. CF Font Mastery
Learn how to avoid CF’s ugly headings and create beautiful, bold, and visible headings (like on this landing page)
Google Fonts
Learn the difference between Google Fonts and Custom Fonts, and which are better for you
Custom Fonts
I show you the best places to get custom fonts (and what types of fonts to look for)
Improving Google Fonts
Learn exactly how to make your Google Fonts bolder and better looking (using a little CSS)
Implementing Custom Fonts
I teach you. how you can implement custom paid fonts on your designs (using a little CSS)

4. Custom CSS for Dummies
Learn the basics of custom CSS I use to augment my designs even further than ClickFunnels design limitations with little to no experience (Don’t worry, I’m not a programmer either!)
Implementation of CSS
Learn the easiest way for you to implement Custom CSS in your designs (that even a dummy could understand
Beautiful Box Shadows
Break out of CF’s ugly, old-school limitations and design box shadows and add life and depth to your funnels
Width Override
Use this special one-liner of CSS to push images past their set width on ClickFunnels interface for more impactful visuals
Multi-Directional Margin
Learn how to apply margin (and negative margin) to the top, left, bottom, and right of the element in question!

5. Planning and Building, for Success
Learn my exact process from start to finish to build million dollar funnels for clients that pay what you’re worth – and how I build funnels in 2-3 days max
The EPC Method
The proprietary method our agency created to ensure the highest conversion rates, every single time.
Gathering Tools & Asset
I show you the best online resources and tools to 10x the efficiency of your workflow. Faster funnels = more money for you!
Sketching Out Your Funnel
(Yes, pen to paper!) I show you my process and best structure for planning out your page BEFORE you start building and deploying
On Page Content Planning
The questions you must ask yourself before every project to ensure you sell your product and service with the best results.

6. Funnel Designer Tools & Resources
Find out the tools and resources I use on the daily to speed up my workflow and produce better funnel designs, with less time spent (The faster you work – the more money you make!)
Removing Backgrounds
Learn an advanced tutorial that allows me to remove backgrounds from images in SECONDS (takes people in photoshop much longer)
Online Resources for Inspiration
Learn which resources and tools online you can leverage to give you ideas about visual design and informational architecture
Color Picking Tools
Utilize this special tool to create advanced themed color palettes that are proven to look good by using linear relationships
More coming soon!
I plan on updating this section consistently with the newest tools and resources I find to revolutionize your worflow

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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