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NLP Mind Mastery Method – Top #4 NLP Program by Global Gurus

NLP Mind Mastery Method – Top #4 NLP Program by Global Gurus
Original Price: 84,99 $US
Author: Global Gurus
Sale Page :_https://www.udemy.com/course/nlp-mind-mastery-method-by-ulysses-wang/
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Learn how to apply NLP Mind Mastery in business and life to deeply influence how others feel, behave and react
What you’ll learn
The single biggest, most profitable, skill that you can master today (if you want to actually get others to do what you want).
This program will reveal to you the only TWO reasons why a person will do anything and once you know it, things just become so much easier for you.
THE FIRST THING you must do in order for others to start paying attention to you, and if you don’t do this, nothing else matters, works both Online and Offline!
How these TWO easy-to-follow formulas we teach our students help them make the most impossible goals to be within reach immediately.
The never revealed before 4-step formula that our little community has been secretly using in presentations to get the audience to take action, willingly!
How to know what another person is thinking just by observing (HINT: This goes against conventional body language wisdom)
Want to learn how I get 10X more stuff done daily than the average dude? Trust me. you can too once you complete the ‘Primary Representational System Test’.
Peek behind the scenes of me revealing the thought-process of creating stories that speak to the subconscious mind of your audience.
If you think you’re surrounded by negative people everyday, I’ll show you TWO advanced mind mastery techniques that you can help them.
How to implement this little known NLP technique to MASSIVELY influence another person’s thoughts, opinions and decisions. way before they even know it happens!
Why knowing the differences between the conscious and subconscious mind will get others to accept your suggestions. effortlessly.
How to be likeable all the time without trying too hard.
How to build trust in today’s online (and offline) world even if you’re an introvert.
The FIVE language patterns you can learn today to become a master communicator. instantly!
How to use language naturally that really speaks to the inner-thoughts of another person, without using a script or sounding like a third-grader.
Top advertisers have used this little secret technique to get our attention all the time. And how you can also use it too to draw all the attention to you.
How to eliminate procrastination in yourself (and your clients) so you can complete more of the important things in your life.
Why it’s so profitable to know about the subconscious mind. PLUS: Learn how to influence it’s behaviours and ultimately, decisions.
The only thing that matters in mind mastery. the moment you grasp this, you control everything the other person feels, behave and react.
THREE ways to control a person’s state of mind and focus at anytime.
Your audience (1-to-1 or 1-to-many) are distracted by a million other things all the time. How to get them to focus on you by using a simple technique.
How to keep your training participants glued to the chair, hanging on to every word you say.
We absorb everything we see or hear, right? WRONG! Learn how you can ensure whatever you say is part of what the other person absorbs and not filtered out.
NINETEEN ways you can structure your phrases so you can get others to agree with you. subconsciously!
How you can get your prospects, clients, co-workers (literally anyone!) to get into a specific state. Powerful stuff!
Say goodbye to communication breakdown forever.
How to get results for your coaching clients FAST, without all the bells and whistles.
FOURTEEN Must-Have rules to follow in order to influence others effectively.
TEN ways you can ask questions to get into specifics in any situation, even if talking is not your ‘natural talent’.
Written and Spoken English.
Full PDF Transcripts available for all lessons (185 pages) so that you can refer to the notes and/or watch the videos too.
MP3 Audio files available for all lessons so that you can listen to the lessons while driving or in the gym.
Mixture of in-person whiteboard teaching, screen recording and physical classroom lessons so that you can get a wide variety of learning modalities.
No prior experience required as this course is taught in a layman manner. If you have learnt NLP before, this course will provide explanation with a different perspective.
*** The NLP Mind Mastery Method program is created by award winning human behavioural expert, Ulysses Wang. This program is rated as the World’s Top #4 NLP Development Program by Global Gurus.
Hey!… This is Ulysses! Thank you for checking out this course!
And if you are wondering what this course is all about…
It is NOT just another outdated “human psychology” 101.
It is NOT about reading body language – though it will help you know exactly what the other person is thinking through non-verbal cues (even without him/her knowing!)
It is NOT about persuasion – though you will get people to agree with you EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY.
It is NOT about manipulating – yet what you’re about to discover will dramatically increase your control over how others feel, behave and react.
What If You Have The Ability To Get More “YES” From Others?
NLP Mind Mastery Method is a SHORTCUT.
The #1 most profitable skill for anyone to learn is the ability to influence. Why can I say that?
In coaching, the coach aims to influence the clients’ behaviours.
In training, the trainer aims to influence the students to learn and implement.
In presentations, the presenter aims to influence the audience to take action.
In negotiation, the negotiator aims to influence the other party to agree.
In sales, the sales person aims to influence the prospects to buy.
In our own personal growth, we aim to influence ourselves to be more motivated.
NLP Mind Mastery Method is about how you can influence others in every situation, without them even knowing it!
Most People Just Aren’t Aware Of These Cutting Edge Techniques…
For many years, I remember when I used to attend all sorts of training programs, both in-person and also online.
If I needed to learn how to negotiate, I will attend a negotiation course.
If I needed to learn how to do presentations, I will attend a presentation skills training.
If I needed to learn how to be a coach, I will attend a coaching program.
Pretty straight forward, right?
And I remember it felt kind of weird… every training program I went to all seem to have some similarities…
Although the technical content were different, I was able to see all involve some elements of ‘human behavioural’ strategies.
But the problem was…
I could never connect the dots…
I was only able to see the full picture after I’ve attended a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) course.
“OMG!”… I remember saying to myself… “This is the secret technique that I missed out all these time”…
And here’s the truth I’ve discovered…
The ONE thing that glued every piece together is…
That was when I realised that nothing else matters if we don’t have the ability to deeply influence another person… something that goes way beyond the conscious level.
It doesn’t matter in what context, we always want to influence the other person.
In coaching, training, consulting, negotiation, sales… online or in-person… pretty much everything!
The only problem was… there was no readily available NLP courses that teach real-world applications.
Everyone was teaching textbook NLP theory. Or it costs few thousand bucks to attend ‘gurus’ courses… obviously money which I didn’t have that time.
The only option was to figure it all out by myself…
Now, after years of applying this specialised skill in training, coaching, consulting, speaking, negotiation, sales, copywriting (just like this course description!)…
I’ve discovered some of the most tactical real-world applications and effective yet little known strategies to influence others (and ourselves too!).
If there’s one thing I learned in this journey, is that the ability to influence others (both online and in-person) is a learnable skill.
I’ve now been able to teach this skill to students from Fortune 500 companies and professional trainers, coaches and consultants from over 30+ different nationalities and have been blessed to serve some of the most demanding clients around the world… and blew their mind 🙂
NLP Mind Mastery Method will reveal the secrets of how you can get into the minds of others so you can deeply influence how they feel, behave and react.
“In attending the NLP Mind Mastery program, I’ve grasp the important of gestures while drawing in my audience and giving an interactive presentation to keep their attention. This course is worth it’s value and more”.
~ Armando Montealegre
“”I absolutely love Ulysses Wang’s NLP Mind Mastery Method. He breaks everything down into simple ways to comprehend the information and make it fun!”
~ Leonard DeCarmine
“I am not new to NLP concepts. However Ulysses’ way of explaining them helped even someone like me, who has come to a better understanding of the material and see them in a brand new way. I am glad I found him and his training program! Worth the investment, for sure!”
~ David Walsh
I look forward to welcome you on the course!
With Love,
~ Ulysses
Who this course is for
Sales Professionals
Business Owners
HR Professionals
Managers who want to improve team management
Senior management who wants to take employee engagement to a whole new level
Team leaders who want to coach and mentor junior staffs more effectively

Level Price  
MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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