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Oliver Goehler – 99 Niches New Era (eBay & Amazon)

Oliver Goehler – 99 Niches New Era (eBay & Amazon)
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Author: Oliver Goehler
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Dear Customer,
The World has changed forever!
And it’s handing savvy online entrepreneurs the biggest payday of their lives!
Keep reading this letter today, and I’ll explain how the biggest event of a generation has changed the online World forever…handing YOU an opportunity to cash in online like never before.
Hi, Oliver here…
As we all know, the World we’re living in has been turned upside down.
The way the UK (and the World) socialises, goes shopping, and actually buys most products – has been remarkably transformed.
It’s this ‘transformation’ that I’m writing about today.
It’s a transformation that – if you’re on the right side of it – will enable you to grow and build your OWN life-changing online business like never before.
You see, unlike some of the economy, far from collapsing, online sales have taken off like a rocket.
Online selling is EXPLODING – precisely because of the Worldwide pandemic – and it’s this ‘explosion’ in demand that YOU can cash in on today.
But first – what happened to online selling over the last six months?
We all know what…
It’s taken off like a damn rocket, that’s what!
So many of us are now doing the vast majority of our shopping online.
It’s quicker, safer and doesn’t involve you need to ‘mask up’!
And here’s the really interesting thing…
As more and more of us are starting to shop online…we are continuing to shop online…as we get more and more accustomed to it.
That’s why you see Amazon as a $1 trillion + company now…
It’s why eBay just had one of their highest-growth quarters for over a decade…
And it’s why all the US tech companies are now pretty much the most valuable companies in the World – ahead of previous titans such as ‘Big Oil’…
Online is completely taking over – as the way we are shopping is likely to change for years to come…
Online sales have NEVER been higher than
they are today – and they are STILL rising!
The big question you’ve probably asked yourself is…
“How do I get a piece of this for myself?”
I’ll explain exactly how to cash in, in just a moment.
But first…it’s not all good news.
You see, it’s times like this where the majority of people DO go broke.
Retail companies are going under in droves.
People are losing their jobs left and right.
There’s panic everywhere.
But if you’re smart and clued in…you’ll also realise that it’s times like these where fortunes are made.
A time when opportunity explodes…
Because bluntly speaking, the New Era we’re looking at now is making some sellers rich…whilst others go broke.
The difference is THAT stark!
Examples are legion…
Let’s take a really simple example…
If you’re unfortunate enough to be selling wedding products online – hard luck. Earlier this year, your business evaporated, and is unlikely to hit its former glory for a long time to come.
(IF it comes back at all!).
If you were selling suitcases or other travel accessories, then likewise your business has likely taken a huge (and possibly irreversible) hit.
But then there is the flipside…
But whilst some niches have gone down tubes, others have absolutely exploded.
In the last six months, if you were selling at-home beauty products…health supplements…bread-makers…products for cyclists…personal protective equipment…at-home-fitness equipment…or dozens of other niches products – chances are…
You’re rolling in it!
Sales for many products have gone – and are going – to the moon.
And that means, bluntly speaking…
It’s never been more critical to choose the RIGHT products and niches to sell to online!
Choose wisely and your online business can take off like a rocket.
Choose wrong and you will go nowhere fast.
It’s quite literally the difference between no business at all…OR a thriving business that is going to the moon.
It’s that important.
It’s ALL about the right product at the right time…
Get that right…and your business can go from zero to hero in short order.
And that’s why I’ve put together 99 Niches and Products For The New Era!
99 Niches and Products For A New Era is your roadmap on to WHAT to sell in this ‘new era’.
It details THE best products and niches YOU can sell to – no…those that you SHOULD sell to – going forward from here.
Those niches and products that will positively thrive in times like today…and which will continue to thrive, making serious money for those savvy enough to jump aboard.
Bluntly speaking…
99 Niches and Products For A New Era outlines the niches and products that will make some sellers rich.
Pick ’em up…plug ’em in – and start your own money-making online business for this ‘new era’!
99 Niches and Products For The New Era gives you everything you need to start and grow your own life-changing online business in this new age…right at the time when online sales are positively EXPLODING!
I’ll tell you what to sell…the exact product.
Then, I’ll tell you a supplier to use…and give you their contact details. (So you can drop them an email to order.)
And finally – I’ll even give you my personal recommendation on how I’d go about selling it!
Really, it doesn’t get much better than this!
But this is important…
I don’t want you to think 99 Niches and Products For The New Era is just about selling products that will be ‘here today, gone tomorrow’.
That’s not what this is about.
Sure, there are some products (such as kids face masks) that are extremely hot right now (and likely will be for months to come).
And, I do recommend some of these, since they are SO hot…
But this is more about products and niches that are thriving now, and which are likely to thrive regardless of what happens in the future – vaccine or no vaccine!
Take the example of home fitness. This is a niche that’s positively booming right now. Now, whether we ‘the virus’ disappears tomorrow or not…this market is here to stay. For years to come.
With that stated…
Here’s a sample of the kind of niches and products I’ve included…
– THE face mask supplier to one of the UK’s largest supermarkets. Don’t ask me how I found this out! They will sell you face masks for pennies. Use it for yourself – currently, this is one of the hottest online markets EVER! (Currently some sellers are moving 200+ boxes of masks per day).
– The best supplier I know for Vitamin D supplements – a product even the government is recommending you now take. And the best part is they are based in the UK. You can buy this product super-cheap in bulk, package it up…and you’re on your way. (You’ll pay just 51p per 100 tablets!). This product is in MASSIVE demand once again – the top seller I’ve seen is selling around £450 per day worth…and we’re not even in flu season yet! (And virus or no virus – this will continue to sell!)
– A really simple product for fitness enthusiasts. It will be just as ‘in demand’ whether people train from home or the gym. You can buy in bulk for just over £1.50 and sell at £7.99 all day long. This will never go out of fashion – and is booming right now!
– A kit for cyclists that anyone can put together. Ideal for lock-down or no-lockdown. Cycling is booming and I would NOT bet against it. One existing seller I’ve seen banks around £1,350 a month with this on eBay alone – Amazon would likely be a lot more.
– A UK supplier of kid’s face masks. These are flying out now, especially as we head into the winter months. Most likely, we’ll be using these for months or even years to come. Your price? Just 50p/unit.
– A simple little product you can sell to key workers, which is seeing HUGE demand currently! This one is really easy to store, handle and ship (you can have a box of ’em in the spare room at home).
– A simple but little-known ‘niche’ home fitness item. Where to get it, and exactly how I’d list it personally to demolish the competition. My prediction is an on-going rise in home-fitness – and this item fits this trend perfectly
– “A £5,000-£10,000 per month business just from this one product alone” -full details revealed. Someone is already doing it – copy ’em!
– A product you can source from Lancashire that is ideal for car enthusiasts. Once again, regardless of what happens this product will sell and sell and sell (especially if people don’t change their cars much…which is likely what will happen). This can be bought for a few quid, marked up 300%, and will sell all day long.
– A tiny little Aliexpress.com product that allows the consumer to rejuvenate old products – ideal if we hit a bad recession. Just £1.10/each.
– A unique product for doing your own nails. The number of people going out for ‘getting their nails done’ has fallen off a cliff. This product is ideal for people who want to do their own nails from home. You can buy this from the UK and it’s perfect for times like we’re facing now!
– A UK supplier for alcohol hand sanitising gel. Your price is £1.50/bottle. I’ll show you a seller on eBay moving them at £8.99 a bottle (‘live’ example given!).
– A product that is super-hot and is bought in truckloads by home beer brewers. This market is pretty much GUARANTEED to stay alive…and boom…as many people will shun pubs and bars, and well, brew their own!
– A product I’ve personally sold £100+ per day of in the past – the exact UK supplier revealed, and the product in question. This fantastic wholesaler stocks hundreds of great products!
– A UK supplier for disposable aprons (personal protective equipment). You can buy these at £4.50 per pack for 200. I recommend you sell them on Amazon FBA for £14.99. You can imagine how big the sales are for yourself!
– A perfect ‘de-stress’ product for the home. This works on two levels. Firstly, people are stressed out, and this will help relieve that burden. And secondly…people are spending more time at home. So ‘home-based’ products are huge at the moment – and this one is ideal for YOU to sell too!
– A special kind of NICHE face mask that I guarantee 99% of people will NEVER have heard of. You can buy these for peanuts, and put a decent margin on them. Virtually no-one has really spotted this – yet!
– A great product you can create yourself for the meditation/mindfulness market – a niche that is soaring right alongside people’s stress levels! This seller has, by my estimates, already banked £200K from this product. Â What’s more, this market is likely to be around for years to come!
– A unique anti-anxiety inhaler (natural) that one seller is banking around £200 per day from currently. I’ll show you how to get hold of something similar…and how to cash in on this exploding niche for yourself!
– Forehead thermometer test strips. Obviously…huge at the moment, and will be increasingly hot as we move into ‘flu season’. This UK supplier has stocks galore. Full details given.
– A special niche that booms in hard times. You’d probably never guess what it is. An American news outlet recently covered it, and explained how it’s booming. I’ve lined up several products you can copy, swipe and profit from – all explained with detailed sources given!
– Social distancing anyone? The niche product I reveal here is mandatory in many shops now…and you can buy it from £3.50/unit (or less!). I know an Amazon seller who is selling around 10 of these a day…for £14.99 each. That’s £150/day in sales. You can buy from the UK supplier I’ll tell you about!
– Stress-related products and solutions! It’s no secret that stress levels are going through the roof. Here’s a selection of products you can buy for peanuts, and sell on with nice margins – that will directly tap into this rich vein of opportunity.
– This small eBay seller has sold over £16,120 of this product. It’s virtually recession proof, and it’s simple to source in the UK. I’ll show you exactly how to copy him and do something similar for yourself!
– Custom face masks! Yes, this niche is big. I’m talking about cute, quirky or otherwise personalised face masks. This UK supplier can print them for you in all sorts of colours, with custom texts and designs!
– And dozens and dozens more!

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MONTHLY PLAN $59.95 per Month.
Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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