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Powerbi Certification Program

Powerbi Certification Program
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Learn PowerBI In-Depth From Top Industry Experts.

What you’ll learn
An in-depth understanding of this BI tool and how it works in different scenarios
Three vital components: Power BI Service, Desktop and Mobile Apps
Visualize and analyze data and derive insights from Excel spreadsheets or local databases
Create compelling reports and visualizations, derive real-time insights, and deploy them on demand
Create, share, collaborate, and benefit from business information with purpose-built dashboards

You do not need any prior knowledge to benefit from this Microsoft Power BI online training.

Our Power BI certification training lets you master the Power BI tool. Learn from Industry practitioners through online classes and master Power BI architecture, Desktop, Service, Mobile Apps, visualizations & reports. Power BI is a radically new tool in the hands of business enterprises who are overwhelmed with the amount of data at hand and until now did not have a cost-effective tool to extract insights from it. Upon the completion of this Power BI online course, you can start using this BI tool, to extract data from multiple unrelated sources. You can easily work with multiple sources of data, convert the data into a report, graph, or data visualization as needed. By deploying Power BI, you get real-time insights and can deploy them faster than any other BI tool available in the market. It is open-source and highly intuitive and does not need technical knowledge or IT support. Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool that allows the user to connect, analyze, and turn the raw data into visually interactive insights. It has intuitive tools that enable the user to represent the data in a user-friendly way. These tools allow to sharing data with other people in the form of reports or dashboards.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to PowerBI
Lecture 2 What should one learn in PowerBI
Lecture 3 Ecosystem
Lecture 4 SQL Server
Section 2: PowerBI Desktop
Lecture 5 Introduction to PowerBI Desktop
Lecture 6 Overview of PowerBI Desktop
Lecture 7 Basics Of Data Loading In PowerBI
Lecture 8 Basic Operations on Data While loading
Lecture 9 Overview of Visuals in PowerBI
Section 3: Introduction to DAX and Visualization
Lecture 10 Introduction to DAX query
Lecture 11 Different Type of Visuals in PowerBI
Lecture 12 Creating Measures in PowerBI
Lecture 13 Basic Visuals and its properties
Lecture 14 Explore more Visuals
Section 4: Introduction To SQL
Lecture 15 Introduction to SQL
Lecture 16 Basic Clauses and Operations in SQL
Lecture 17 Introduction to Group By Clause
Lecture 18 Group By e x a mples
Lecture 19 Extract data from tables
Section 5: Useful Transformations on Tables
Lecture 20 Load Data from External Files
Lecture 21 Create table using expressions
Lecture 22 Creating Custom Columns
Lecture 23 Create Custom and Index columns
Lecture 24 Pivot and other transformations
Section 6: Calculating Different Date columns
Lecture 25 Creating Date Tables
Lecture 26 Creating required date columns
Lecture 27 Adding Quarter date columns
Lecture 28 Calculating more date fields
Lecture 29 Calculate week dates
Lecture 30 Calculate Weekdays
Section 7: Analyse data
Lecture 31 Calculate Ranks
Lecture 32 Enhance Date Table with more fields
Lecture 33 Usage of Date table
Lecture 34 Compute columns based on dates
Lecture 35 Exercise with Date Tables
Section 8: Working With Measures
Lecture 36 Working with Pivot and measures
Lecture 37 Analyze data on measures
Lecture 38 Understanding Table Properties
Lecture 39 Drilldown and Pivot in PowerBI
Lecture 40 Formatting Layouts
Lecture 41 Extend Range of date table
Section 9: Explore various visuals in PowerBI
Lecture 42 Stacked Bar Chart Visual
Lecture 43 Line Chart
Lecture 44 Area Chart and Donut Visual
Lecture 45 Pie Chart
Lecture 46 Scatter Chart
Lecture 47 Histogram and Multi row cart Visual
Section 10: Map Visuals in PowerBI
Lecture 48 Map Visual
Lecture 49 Shape Map visual
Lecture 50 Working with different visuals
Lecture 51 Visual Interaction
Lecture 52 Working with table visual
Section 11: Working with various Function in PowerBI
Lecture 53 Explore various column operations
Lecture 54 Working with various Function
Lecture 55 Calculate and Filter options
Lecture 56 Aggregate Functions
Lecture 57 Continue working with Aggregate functions
Lecture 58 Filtering Aggregated Data
Individuals looking for jobs as Business Analysts, Business Development Managers, etc.,Statisticians aiming to implement their statistics skills to derive business insights,Marketing, finance, sales, and other domain professionals who need extensive Business Intelligence

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LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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