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Richard Bolstad – Tarot Adept

Richard Bolstad – Tarot Adept
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Author: Richard Bolstad
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Exclusive to NLP Practitioners. Bring a laptop computer to this workshop. You are about to be a published author.
Whether you have written several books or never written before, you will learn new skills on this weekend.

Richard will guide you through writing a short article, and at the end of the weekend we will publish a book of our articles on Amazon Createspace. The next week, our book of inspirational experiences NLP Changing Lives will be published on both Kindle and in paperback. Along the way, you will learn many new insights about the writing process, which are applicable to writing both articles and books. On the second day of the training, you will learn how to create a side career as a motivational speaker. You will design and practice a short speech which you can then market to community groups looking for a motivational speaker for their conference or breakfast session. Motivational speaking is different to training. It is brief, inspirational, and entertaining. Best of all, the story you tell in your article on day one will also form the core of your motivational speech. No more wishing you got around to it. This is the weekend that things happen!
Who is Richard Bolstad?

A board member of the NLP Research and Recognition project and one of the authors of the first comprehensive book on NLP Research The Clinical Effectiveness of Neurolinguistic Programming (Routledge, 2013). Richards more than 12 published NLP texts combine precise research results with practical applications.
A world leader in the use of NLP in response to major social and environmental crises such as the wars in Bosnia and Chechnya, the Tsunami in Japan and the Pacific, Earthquakes in New Zealand and elsewhere. Richard pioneered work in these environments and trains government funded civil emergency missions.
A certifying trainer of NLP coaches and NLP Trainers since 1993, with two decades of experience helping people successfully set themselves up in business and enable others to change, described by NLP developer Steve Andreas as one of the most thorough and competent trainers in NLP. He is one of the very few who is constantly developing new distinctions in understanding and practice, as well as congruently living what he teaches. He is one of the finest NLP trainers I know.
A certifying trainer of traditional Chinese meditation and exercise techniques with a unique approach to the fusion of NLP and ancient spiritual teachings.

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