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Ross Pearson – Defensive Counter Striking MMA


Ross Pearson – Defensive Counter Striking MMA
Original Price: $77
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Author: Ross Pearson
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Master Some of the BEST Counter Offense in The Game And Give Your MMA Pedigree a Massive Upgrade with Ultimate Fighter Champion, Ross The “Real Deal” Pearson.

– Ross Pearson kicked off his career in the UFC by winning The Ultimate Fighter 9 in 2009, then spent over a decade fighting for the prestigious organization and amassing 26 bouts, claiming Fight of the Night honors 3-times
– Learn some of Pearson’s most relied upon and trusted techniques, combos, and maneuvers that will include striking and grappling applications so you can become a more well rounded fighter
– Utilize Person’s vast network of counters so you can take on less damage and return fire with devastating blows of your own
– Transition right into wrestling with specific counters that will help you seamlessly take the exchange from a striking scenario to a grappling one at just the right time
– Add three special techniques to your arsenal that Pearson successfully used in the UFC
– Evade kicks, strikes, and attempts at offense of all kinds in one perfectly crafted guide to better MMA performance with a legendary veteran coach guiding you every step of the way

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