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Ryan Booth – Effortless Content

Ryan Booth – Effortless Content
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“Effortless Content” is our method on how to create good content (that converts, and generates sales) at a mass-scale in a short amount of time.

Producing content in itself doesn’t matter. What does, is whether or not your content converts – and ours does, having generated hundreds and thousands of dollars organically through content (not including paid ads).

Chapter outline:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is content
Chapter 3: Target market deep dive
Chapter 4:Fast Content Formulas
Chapter 5: Creating your Core Content
Chapter 6: Creating your organic pathway
Chapter 7: Filling your funnel
Chapter 8:Should you be omnipresent?
Chapter 9: Cashflow Content
Chapter 10: The Endless Content machine
Chapter 11: 1 Year of Content in 1 Day
Chapter 12: The BATCH-elor
Chapter 13: Tools of the Trade

Now, before you buy this book I want you to realize:

This book isn’t a “copywriting” book.

There are dozens of books out there like that.

And while I will give you some worksheets, and templates, I want to help you start THINKING about content in the right way, because without an overall strategy and an understanding of both WHO your market is, and WHAT you want them to do, your content will fall on deaf ears.

Whether you’re selling something right now, and producing content, or whether you have nothing to sell and aren’t producing content, my goal with this book is fairly straightforward:

To help you convert your audience into buyers, and lifelong customers through creation of smart, targeted, GREAT content at scale.

And the best part about this content-creation method, is it works with you.

Whether you have 500 followers on ONE platform, or 5,000,000 on 5 platforms.the strategies you discover in this book will help you supercharge your organic content strategy.

Above all, I want to teach you PRINCIPLES & STRATEGIES.

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