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Simon Aronowitz – Testimonial Machine

Simon Aronowitz – Testimonial Machine
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Revolutionary InfoProduct Reveals The Secrets To Money-Making Testimonials
Is getting testimonials for your business one of the tasks you just havent gotten around to?
Do you wish you could make getting testimonials from your customers and clients quick and easy?
Would you like to be sure-fire certain that your customers testimonials will increase your leads and sales?

Now theres a quick and easy way to get testimonials from every customer and use them to bring in a flood of new customers
Testimonials Finally Receive The Attention They Deserve

This is the info-product youve always needed for your business, even if you didnt know it.

Thats because the information in this product has never been put together in this way in any other book, DVD or info-product that has ever been on the market.
Product Contains SECRET Information

This product contains so many ways to maximize the power of testimonials to bring you new clients and customers that almost no-one knows. It really is secret information that Im sharing here. You wont have found this information anywhere else. This information could transform your business.

Like other smart marketers you may have shelves full of books on subjects ranging from how to write headlines or craft a million-dollar USP to search engine optimization and social media, all in the pursuit of growing your business.

In all the books you may have read on marketing, all the DVDs and info-products you may have seen, have you ever found much more advice on testimonials than ask for them and use them?

There has to be more to testimonials than that, right?

Well, there is, a lot more in fact.

Simon Aronowitz

Let me introduce myself. Im Simon Aronowitz and for more than three years I have focused my efforts on how to get and use testimonials. The picture on the right shows me sharing some of my testimonial secrets with a bunch of high-flying lawyers in 2011.

Through continued research, implementation and testing, I have not only found some of the best practices in marketing and related them to testimonials, I have also developed and perfected my own processes and practices.

Testimonial Machine is a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by business owners when it comes to testimonials. The lack of expert information on testimonials means these are challenges many business owners arent aware of or havent recognized.

What Else Is There To Know About Testimonials?

Anything else youve previously seen about testimonials has either been about minimizing the time you spend on them, or its been about creating high-end testimonials that take lots of time, like filming and editing video testimonials.

No-one has previously considered the benefit of putting some small, ongoing and consistent effort into a strategy of testimonials and how to maximize their performance and return on investment. Until now.

Whats been missing is a system that deals with getting testimonials every single day from every single customer or client.

What no-one has cracked, until now, is what to do to squeeze every drop of benefit from the customers you deal with every day, without it being a major disruption.

Whats been missing is a SYSTEM that any team member in your business can easily follow that gets you testimonials and puts them to use in your marketing for the greatest benefit, while minimizing the time and effort it takes.

Successful businesses have marketing and sales systems that employees follow to consistently make sales and bring in the money.

It follows that to successfully collect testimonials and use them in the most time-efficient manner to turbo-charge your sales, you need a proven system to do so.
Complete Fool-Proof System

What Ive developed, and which Im making available here, is a complete and foolproof system for collecting and using testimonials

Testimonial Machine has been put together as the definitive info-product on testimonials, drawing from the most successful techniques and best practices in direct response marketing.

More than just showing you how to get and use testimonials, this info-product gives you all the tools you need, ready to use, to transform your business with testimonials.

Testimonial Machine give you so much more. Its a complete system that shows you:

How to get testimonials quickly, easily, painlessly and systematically from every single customer or client
How to get testimonials that uniquely position your business
How to get testimonials that make prospects want to buy from you
How to lay out your testimonials to instantly grab attention
How to publish testimonials on your website in the most-effective proven way for maximum return
How to use testimonials to get top and 1st page search engine results which attract new leads
How to use testimonials to increase your website quality score on Google
How to use testimonials to convert leads into sales
How to use testimonials to get referrals and recommendations through social media by making testimonials go viral
How to get use testimonials to get reviews on independent review websites like Google and Yelp!

Theres a ton of information contained in the system, broken down into easy-to-use sections that guide you through the creation of your own comprehensive and customized testimonials system.

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Membership expires after 30 Days.
6 MONTH PLAN $129.95 every 6 Months.
Membership expires after 180 Days.
LIFTIME MEMBERSHIP $199.95 every 12 Months.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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