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The Complete Capture One Editing Guide

The Complete Capture One Editing Guide
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Creating world class imagery requires more than technical know-how of your camera; it also requires fine tuned post processing to give it a final look . For many professional photographers, Capture One is their first choice when it comes to having a fast and efficient editing workflow. With so many software options out on the market, Capture One is highly regarded as being one of the best options for working on set with clients and for perfecting colors.

The Best Way to Learn Capture One In an industry where is money, having an efficient and effective photography workflow is crucial, especially when it comes to editing. Whether you’re giving Capture One a try for the first or you’ve owned it for years, it’s likely that there are aspects of the software that you’re not taking advantage of that can elevate your work or save you hours of your day. With over 20 exercise files and four start to finish image edits to follow along with, this five hour tutorial will give you a concise and comprehensive understanding of how to best utilize Capture One in your own photography.
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As a Capture One ambassador, a long standing Fstoppers writer, and an extremely talented beauty and wedding photographer, Quentin Decaillet is the perfect instructor to guide you through Capture One so you can make creative edits both effortlessly and efficiently.

This video tutorial includes

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